sage 50 quantum v2019.1-2019.4 performance with Windows 10 updates 20h2


i'm not a Sage user but i'm helping my client with a sage issue

she is running Sage 50 quantum v2019.1

PC is a i5 7500, 8GB on a dell WS + mirrored HDD drives. Win10Pro v1809

Sage is ran locally on this PC, which she RDPs to from her mail PC and she uses Sage on this PC and this PC only.

its was fine overall but we updated her PC from v1809 to 1909 and then 20h2 didnt think it was a big deal but since the upgrade when she opens reports a little window pops up and the status bar scrolls across.

"seaching for printer" ... then "adjusting Margins" this process is about 30 seconds, then if she double clicks on a value in the window that opens up to get to the next screen, it does it again "seaching for printer" ... then "adjusting Margins", again 30 seconds,

updated Sage 2019.1 to 2019.4 same.

this is causing a lot of lag in the system for her and its really hard to use, before the patch it was a few seconds.

does anyone know what this is caused by?

work around for now is

I installed Sage her PC , which is an i7 7700 running on an SSD but Win10 Pro v1909, its fine when I map the sage files to her PC. I still see the "seaching for printer" ... then "adjusting Margins" but its only a couple of seconds.

i'm scared to do the updates for her to 20h2 until I find the underlying issue

anyone have any suggestions?

thank you

  • Hi!

    I just finished the windows 10 20h2 upgrade and I had to make the following changes

    I had to start the Connection Manager

    Change the printer options to what they were before the upgrade.

    Now I have to find my forms  (They are in MyDocuments for my installation)


    So I guess that you have to do the same.

    Settings ...

  • thank you for the reply

    sorry can you elaborate? did you mean remote the printers from device manager and add them again? or go the printer options in Sage itself, and reset all the printer over again for all the types for forms ?

    "Now I have to find my forms  (They are in MyDocuments for my installation)" I dont know what that  means. sorry not a Sage user, just get it up and running for clients.

  • Hi!

    For printers go to the Setup ... Reports & Forms ... (Check all printer options for paper and email)

    Open the forms and save them to a folder in the MyDocuments section.

  • user reports

    "I think that I understand what Ottawa is saying, but, my printer selection, and forms templates, didn’t change, or disappear after the update.  I tried to reset all of these things anyway, but it didn’t make a difference to the delay in reporting."

    i'm having her go change it to something else and then changing it back.

    last ditch is to uninstall Sage, clear out the settings and reinstall.

    possibly plan for her to have an HDD to SDD upgrade too.

  • Just wondering if you happen to have sage50 2019.4 update file somewhere you downloaded and share with me.