Install problems 2020 and 2021

Having problems installing both Sage 50 2020 (.1.2) and 2021.

The Sage install was okay right up to when I went to activate.  When I entered Codes nothing happen, I lost everything including the Sage Icon on the desktop.

I went to uninstall and it didn't show as a program to uninstall. The folders were there on the c drive but that's all.  When I tried to went okay, I entered Sage codes started up Sage, opened the company.....seemed fine.  But the Desktop Icon disappeared, it wasn't on the Windows Program path or in 'programs to uninstall'.

Thought I do a clean Window install, that made no difference.  Same thing happened with Sage 2021.

When I tried to run the Sage50Accounting file in the Sage 50 Folder (x86) I received this message: "Sage_sa_filever.dll" was not found.

I reinstall windows another time, I checked the Sage folder "Sage_sa_filever" was there.  But when I tried to activate with the Sage Codes the file disappeared with everything else.

My windows version is up to date: Version 1909 Build 18363.1256.

At my wits end.

Any help would be appreciated.

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