Install problems 2020 and 2021

Having problems installing both Sage 50 2020 (.1.2) and 2021.

The Sage install was okay right up to when I went to activate.  When I entered Codes nothing happen, I lost everything including the Sage Icon on the desktop.

I went to uninstall and it didn't show as a program to uninstall. The folders were there on the c drive but that's all.  When I tried to went okay, I entered Sage codes started up Sage, opened the company.....seemed fine.  But the Desktop Icon disappeared, it wasn't on the Windows Program path or in 'programs to uninstall'.

Thought I do a clean Window install, that made no difference.  Same thing happened with Sage 2021.

When I tried to run the Sage50Accounting file in the Sage 50 Folder (x86) I received this message: "Sage_sa_filever.dll" was not found.

I reinstall windows another time, I checked the Sage folder "Sage_sa_filever" was there.  But when I tried to activate with the Sage Codes the file disappeared with everything else.

My windows version is up to date: Version 1909 Build 18363.1256.

At my wits end.

Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hi

    Thanks for reaching out. Think I've found your account ending 400xxxxx900, I don't see that you've reached out to the Sage 50 CA support team yet so I've set up your email to be your login to the Sage Customer Portal (check your email for access) and created Support Ticket 800xxxxx595. Here's the steps on How to Update an Existing Support Ticket

    Was able to get you a scheduled callback for tomorrow at 3pm PST to have the team check in, please see your email for a confirmation. Let us know if you'd prefer another day / time. You can also call in as early as 6:00am PST to 1-888-522-2722.

    Warm Regards, 

  • Not able to login in the Portal.