Re-Install, Activation and Registration of Sage 50 Premium 2017

We purchased Sage 50 Premium 2017 back on November 4th 2016. It was licensed to our company. I have the serial number, the account ID, the key code and the invoice from Sage giving us the download link, etc. We were allowed to have it on 2 computers so there was 2 users on the account.

I am trying to install it on my new computer. It is currently on my old computer and I have the window up that shows that it's licensed to our company. and the serial number and all that information is valid. However when I install it on the new computer and I try to activate and register the product it's telling me the information I am putting in is invalid. I have double checked the key code, the company name, the serial number and it is all entered correctly. Why can I not activate this on the new computer? Do I have to uninstall it from my old computer first??

Can anyone please help me?

Thank you!


  • Exactly what program are you running to install the 2017 version on your new computer (eg. what is the filename and where did you get it - is it the original download or the installation files in the c:\Sage folder on your older computer)?  Are you sure it is the 2017 version?

  • Hello. I purchased SAGE 50 CA PREMIUM 2017 UPG DL (CDN release 2017.0). To install on my other computer, I copied the Sage Installer files to a jump drive and pasted to the C drive on the other computer. From there I clicked on the "launch" application file. It notified me I needed to download some files in order to start the install, which I did. Then I installed the program and everything seemed to be functioning well within the program. However, when I tried to activate my product, I received the error code. 

  • Hi ,

    Thanks for reaching out. Found your email which is tied to your Sage City profile linked to 3 account IDs. Only Sxxa Vxxx Cxxxxc #400xxxx052 has a 2017 Sage 50 Premium edition product. 

    Your gmail email would be your username  for the Sage Customer Portal where you can find a listing of your product codes for the account ending #400xxxx052. The serial number for the 2017 product ends with 102xxxxxxxxxxx489 and the activation code ends wit102xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx293S.

    Hope this helps!

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