Sage 50 CA Server Connection Manager will not Update (2021.0)


We got a notification on Friday (Nov 20) about a new update to our Sage 50 software, and proceeded to update our computers with the new update. This morning (Nov 23) we went to update the connection manager on our server machine, but there is no available options for performing an update for this. Currently, our server is stuck on 9.1, while our computers are on 10.0. 

We have tried to download the install files directly from the Sage portal onto the server, but when we try to perform an install/update this way, we get a prompt stating that there is already a version of it installed, and it must be uninstalled/removed to be able to perform a (seemingly fresh) install onto the server, without any options for advanced install of just the connection manager.

Is anyone else having any issues with this or have a resolution that will work?