Sage Upgrade to 2020 version - Keeps Crashing our system - NO SUPPORT

We were told in September that if we did not upgrade our 2018 software that we would have problems and not be able to receive support.

Essentially after many emails, we reluctantly decided that even in a slower economy that we would spend the $3500 for the upgrade so we did not have the issues they told us would happen.

Since we upgraded, we have had NOTHING BUT ISSUES. Our system crashes on multiple computers at least 8-10 times per day. We had a very helpful tech person contact us and try to figure out the problem, it still didn't work...

 We have tried reaching out, we have emailed our sales rep and tech support MULTIPLE times. No one will call or email us back. I have been asking for a refund on this upgrade for 2 months. Come and get your software.

We have literally been using the newest version since 2008, and have kept updating as we have been told to. and now THIS. It is very time consuming, and frustrating to say the absolute least. 

Who can I contact? 

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