• JE for GST Self Assessed

    How do I record the journal entry for self assessed GST.  I know the GST collected is a debit, GST paid on purchases and payment from my bank a credit. But how do I JE the amount that we paid to Revenue Canada for the GST self assessed on items? Any guidance…

  • delete a payment in the bank and delete a NC in custome account

    I use sage 50 and the operation is wrong.
    I should delete payment first, and then delete invoice.
    As a result, the order was reversed.
    Now there is a note de credit in the custome account, and the payment in the bank account cannot be deleted.
    How to…

  • Bank credit memo

    Can anyone help me with this? How to do this in sage 50

  • Purchase quote

    Can anyone help me with this?

  • Unable to reconcile account

    We're having an issue with reconciling an account.  Whenever we try processing, we get an error message saying "The statement end balance does not equal the sum of the opening balance, the transactions appearing on your statement from your financial…

  • Cash Purchase Invoice

    Cash Purchase Invoice #ST-100

    Dated May 2, 2021,

    From Sound Tel Inc. (Use Quick Add), $140 for one month of telephone services, plus $18.20 HST. The invoice totals $158.20. Paid by cheque #432. Store as a monthly recurring entry.

    How to do this step?

  • CMIS2240

    I'm confused about the linked account in credit card. 

    And my second question is when I put the amount in the opening balance I got a different account and then when I put another amount that the last amount has gone.
  • CMIS2240

    Set up credit cards as follows: Credit Cards Used: Credit Card Name: RBC Visa Link appropriate accounts.

    Credit Cards Accepted: Credit Card Name: Visa Discount Fee: 2.5% Link appropriate accounts

    which account I need to linked in those two

    can anyone…

  • received payment for same customer invoice twice

    Hi there, I have received a second payment for a customer invoice that was already paid a couple months back.  We receive the payments via EFT into the bank account not by cheque. I applied the second payment to another invoice the other day but the customer…

  • how to enter purchase of a business

    Owner has purchased a business.
    He paid $10,000 for the business and $4629.14 for the inventory.
    He put a $1500 deposit down and then paid the balance a week later.
    How do I enter this into Sage correctly?
    Thank you in advance.
  • duplicate cheque numbers

    I'm getting a "this is a duplicate cheque number" error message.  Thing is the first number(s) is from 2009.  How do I get past this without having to manipulate each cheque I enter going forward.

    I've already tried to set the next cheque…

  • Balance Sheet out a penny - What could have happened?

    Hello All,

    I have been boggled.  The last several months of the balance sheet have been out a penny with a $0.01 showing up in Retained Earnings - Previous Years.

    I have figured out that the error happened sometime between April 13th, 2021 and May, 12…

  • 2nd user not able to connect

    2nd user is unable to connect to the main computer which is mine. In the meanwhile I shut off the "private network" firewall. 

  • Opening balances

    I entering my opening balances from the accountant's trial balance and now I have data inconsistencies in the A/P Balance and Prepayment Acct. Bal., how do I fix this problem?  I have no unpaid invoices. My A/P Balance is -2660.00 and my Prepayment…

  • Contractor Purchase - Expense or Asset?

    Hi all,

    I am very new to accounting practices, and when I have questions I often turn to other professionals, internet forums (like here), or to Universal Construction to sort things out, generally with success.  I've tried all these and can't seem to find…

  • Adding equipment that was repaired with donated time to Sage 50 Pro

    We are a for profit company.

    We purchased an old church that had pieces and parts of an old pipe organ.  We thought it wasn't worth anything so we did not add to Sage 50 as an asset on purchase.

    A retired gentlemen that used to tend the organ advised…

  • Help needed to delete an entry


    I posted an entry in the general ledger but I realized I should not have. How do I do that?

  • Payroll Loan Advance To Employee

    How do I document a loan advance to an employee.

    I see the Loan or advance in the employee set up ledger, but when I go to the employees payroll form, there is no place to document the loan?


  • Can I print a paycheque that I Voided?

    I voided a paychq in Sage 50C Premium 2021.  Is it possible to print a copy of the voided paychq within the program? Would like to show back up on paper that it was voided (did not yet print the original paychq either) or do I just use the payroll transactions…

  • Prepaids Receipts

    I am presently using SAGE 50 PRO  2021.  I recently started to do the accounting for the condominium building in which I reside with my wife  This is done on a NO FEES BASIS. Evidently some unit owners pay their  monthly fees in advance , some even pay the…

  • Prepaid deposits

    I and my wife own a condominium.      I recently started to do the accounting for the association on a NO FEE basis.    Some of the unit owners pay their maintenance fees in advance.  To my knowledge any amounts received from unit owners in advance should show…

  • Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2021


    I just purchased this accounting software for my small business company I just opened in July 2021.  I was under the assumption that once you purchase this program then you don't have to purchase anything else for it unless there is a yearly fee…

  • Sold Company Vehicle

    Hello, in 2016 we bought a van to be used for work.  We just sold it and I have NO idea how to record this.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Karen 

  • Matching Transactions from previous year

    My name is Jenny and I started working with Tim recently, the company works with sage 50, I don't have much experience with sage but from what I was reviewing the person who took charge previously either. now I try to use the matching transactions…

  • Journal Entries

    I am faced with the arduous task of re entering our 2021 entries. We have several journal numbers on hand by way of paperwork, so this process is straight forward. The dilemma is many journal entry numbers have no description by way of paperwork. Is there…