• Error when flipping fiscal year

    I was attempting to flip our fiscal year. Prior to beginning the process, I back-up our data. Once the data was successfully backed-up I did a "check data integrity" to ensure that everything was good. I then proceeded to changing my session date to the…

  • Data inconsistencies have been detected

    Hi Sage 50 Support,

    I am an accountant with limited experience with Sage 50.  I took over 3 companies' Sage 50 accounting systems in Y2017.  When I tried to open a new Calendar Year (Y2018) in Sage 50, I got the following error messages.  Could I talk…

  • Trial Balance

    My client has a Trial Balance that DOES NOT Balance??? How to fix?  I have never seen this happen in Sage before?

  • Trial Balance not balancing

    The trial balance as at the last fiscal year end is not in balance. Neither is the balance sheet. Data integrity says everything is ok, and if I run a TB as of today it is in balance? This is the second time this has happened to me recently. What is it…

  • Error message -

    I am getting error message - C:\program files (x86)\sage 50 pro accounting version 2016\SAGE_SA_BUS.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error - any ideas???

  • Sage 50 CA 2017.2 Crashing with .NET error

    Hi All

    Need help. Our Sage 50 app is crashing at app startup . here is the log from event viewer of Windows 10



    Application: Sage50Accounting.exe
    Framework Version: v4.0.30319
    Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception…

  • 2012 Moving into a New Year

    I am using the Sage Simply Accounting 2012 version and I am not able to move into a new fiscal year. When I attempt this it tells me to do an Advanced Database Check. When I do this it tells me "Sage Simply Accounting's Database Verification Tool has…

  • "Not enough memory error" - customer module


    I am using Sage 50 ,2016 Premium on Windows 10 installed mini Mac. Simply accounting was working fine but lately I started to have a problem with customer module.

    When I click to view customers,pop up opens with this :

    "Not enough memory to load icon…

  • vacation entitlement changed with calendar year rollover

    Hello.  Quick question.  I have an employee that December 31st had a recorded vacation entitlement of 23.49.  After I rolled over the calendar year end, the program states that his vacation entitlement is 80.07. (no paycheck, no added hours, nothing) I have…

  • Can't close out 2016 and move into the new year


    I have been searching for a solution to my problem and I can't seem to find the answer.  The following error is showing up in my log:

    HISTORICAL DATA PROBLEM:  This historical table exists, but is missing an entry in the simplygrouppriv table -…

  • Trying to open reports on certain company file crashes Sage50

    It started happening yesterday (Jan 11). Other company files open reports without issue, on any computer. This one company file for the past two days will now cause Sage50 to become unresponsive, and after getting the "unresponsive" message upon closing…

  • Connection to database

    Hi All

    I have Sage 50 First Step Accounting 2015.  It worked fine all the time.  Now when opening the current database I had a message that the database engine timeout while serving the connection.  

    PS the software is installed locally on the machine and…

  • Simply Account Database on XP to SAGE 50 Win 10 x64


    Apparently Simply Accounting 2010 backups have not been done, we have the actual "live" database installed on XP, we moved it to a new Win 10 x64 station, all works but when we try to upgrade to a newer SAGE50 version, we always get a popup saying…

  • Help Index Script Errors

    Does anyone know why I would receive a Script Error everytime I try to use the search feature in the Help menu within Sage 50?  In the Index tab of Help, I tryp to enter a work to search and every character I type produces a script error.

  • Deposit does not show in Register

    I made a deposit and it shows on the deposit report (dated 8/2/16)  and in the deposit screen (dated 8/1/16) but when I run an account register it does not show up.  Has this ever been the case with anyone else?  thank you  

  • Database corruption

    SAGE sadly do not work on weekends, no support whatsoever, if you have a problem during the weekend then you are screwed, at least I though I will reach chat support, yet I have been trying to reach CHAT online support, NO, no more chat support during…

  • System kicking user out

    We recently did the update for Sage 50 and now it keeps kicking out one user quite frequently. As sysadmin I've had to stop and then start the connection manager for the user to be able to log back in. 

    It will work for a while and then kick her out…

  • need help opening an older version 2010 2011

    Hello  everyone

    I can not open a 2014 file  The error message says:  Cannot open the database because some files are read only Please ensure you have sufficient rights to the files then try again

  • Can not access (look up) old data

    I am having issues when it comes to looking at data from only one year ago. For instance, today is August 31, 2015 and I want to look at my Supplier Aged Detail report to see about an invoice I had from January 2014. The system is only letting me go back…

  • With the 2013 version, am getting sometimes the error message "can't open company file"

    This is happening quite a bit and sometimes no problem. Now with an upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10, the problem is worse.

  • Chart of Accounts

    I added an account, incorrectly.  Now it is saying that my account doesn't have a group heading, so I can't see any financial statements etc. until this problem is fixed.  Does anyone know how to add a group heading?

  • Simply Accounting 2011 Pro - Trial Balance out of Balance

    Hi, and thank you for reading.

    I have been happily using Simply Accounting 2011 Pro for many years, and I am completely satisfied with it.  I have no need to upgrade as I'm running a small holding company only.

    Recently, I switched accountants and…

  • Cannot upgrade database from Sage 2013 to Sage 2015

    I have a client I do some IT work.  They just upgraded their Sage 2013 to Sage 2015 and whenever they try and perform the database upgrade step they get the following error.

    I have tried a few things to no avail. Sage 2013 fails when trying to Repair…
  • Discepancy value making impossible to post

    I am stumped figured most of this out stuck getting rid of discrepancy balance. My accountant told me to clear discrepancy balance post reconciliation and would amend discrepancy when doing t2. This is my problem...star values no matter how I input through…

  • Someone else is already using the program under this name - Under terminal server 2008 r2


    I am trying to solve an issue for a client where the user accounts have been locked out. i am getting the folloing message:

    "Someone else is already using the program under this name...etc. when trying to log in under most accounts.

    I have…