• JE for GST Self Assessed

    How do I record the journal entry for self assessed GST.  I know the GST collected is a debit, GST paid on purchases and payment from my bank a credit. But how do I JE the amount that we paid to Revenue Canada for the GST self assessed on items? Any guidance…

  • delete a payment in the bank and delete a NC in custome account

    I use sage 50 and the operation is wrong.
    I should delete payment first, and then delete invoice.
    As a result, the order was reversed.
    Now there is a note de credit in the custome account, and the payment in the bank account cannot be deleted.
    How to…

  • duplicate cheque numbers

    I'm getting a "this is a duplicate cheque number" error message.  Thing is the first number(s) is from 2009.  How do I get past this without having to manipulate each cheque I enter going forward.

    I've already tried to set the next cheque…

  • Balance Sheet out a penny - What could have happened?

    Hello All,

    I have been boggled.  The last several months of the balance sheet have been out a penny with a $0.01 showing up in Retained Earnings - Previous Years.

    I have figured out that the error happened sometime between April 13th, 2021 and May, 12…

  • Can I print a paycheque that I Voided?

    I voided a paychq in Sage 50C Premium 2021.  Is it possible to print a copy of the voided paychq within the program? Would like to show back up on paper that it was voided (did not yet print the original paychq either) or do I just use the payroll transactions…

  • Unable to change Fiscal Year End Date

    how do I change the Fiscal year end date as it is showing grayed out.

  • History mode for Prepaid Expenses

    I am entering a new client in Sage from the Accountant's Trial Balance at year end through the Chart of Accounts starting balances. There is an amount in Account 1120 Prepaid Expenses and now I cannot get out of the History mode as I am getting a message…

  • Cannot change Account Number in Chart of Accounts

    I am logged in as system admin in Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2021 edition and am not able to change a Account number in the chart of accounts I created today. I am getting a error message because the account number is out of sequence. 
    We have no other…

  • Retained earnings

    Few years ago I created an adjustment to previous year income account in the retained earning section. This was to account for income in previous year not included in the income for that year. Unfortunately when I close the fiscal year, this balance/account…

  • Adjusting the "Cash to be deposited" account


    I made a mistake with a deposit. I use the "cash to be deposited account" so that my transaction into the bank matches my bank statement. I followed the instructions to reverse the deposit slip and I re did another one with the corrected information…

  • Need Help on my last backup

    We have version 2021.2 now and I have a problem:

    Need Help:on my last backup on June 30th I accidently did NOT click off the transaction clearing. It says: Invalid Date. The Start Date must be between 06/30/21 and 05/31/22. How can I reverse this to see…

  • Posting Interest Earned on Investment For 2020 in 2021

    Hi Everyone, I have never been trained on accounting so forgive me for my lack of understanding and terminology.  I am working on our charity return for 2020.  We have a short term investment GIC that had earned interest in 2020.  I have completed our annual…

  • Changing exchange rates on received payments

    I have an invoice that was posted in May 2019 to be paid later. It was posted in US dollars with and exchange rate to Canadian at that time. When payments are received and a new exchange rate is posted in the payment, the original exchange rate still…

  • Final loan balance

    I've recently made the final payment on a long term liability. The account balance in Sage still shows an amount owing - I'm assuming the opening balance was entered wrong. How do I set the balance to 0?

  • Continuing...Bank feed I entered annual bank feed 2 times.

    Hi,Its Nanako,I have posted a question a few days ago Bankfeed.I entered annual bank fee 2times.How to fix it?

    A very kind person suggested to try method How to manually reverse a payment or receipt

    However I guess ,,, this is not really what I wanted…

  • Bankfeed. I entered annual bank fee 2 times. How to fix it?


    Its my first month of using sage 50.

    I made some error but I do not know how to fix it:(

    I had a annual fee for credit card on my credit card,$60.00

    I am using bankfeed,SInce there is a transaction of this $60.00 when I downloaded transactions,I…

  • Deleting inventory that has been invoiced to a customer?

    Hi there, 

    My company has several Inventory Items that we would like to remove from our system for various reasons. Our supplier has discontinued them, upgraded to a new version, etc. 
    However many of these inventory items have been sold to customers in…

  • ajustement vacances. Vacation adjustement

    Je souhaite mettre à jour la banque de vacances de certains employés. Comment puis-je procéder? I would like to ajust the vacation bank for some employees. How can I do that?

  • data integrity

    How to do I fix this:

    the sum of your Vendors' information does not equal the current balance of account 2100 Account payable.

    429.08  total oustanding invoices

    3079.75 current balance of 2100 accounts payable

    -2650.67  difference

    the sum of your vendors…

  • Tracking external processing item costs Sage 50 Quantum


    I'm trying to determine what the best way to track the costs of external processes on inventory items? hoping some folks around here could chime in.





    1. 10 x Widgets item number (RMWIDGET1)…

  • Manually close revenue and expense accounts to retained earnings prev year.

    Fiscal year end is 30Sep2021.  Started a new set of books but instead of entering starting balances on last day of previous fiscal, they were entered first day of current -1Oct2020.  Books also were set up with starting date 1Oct2020.  So now I need to close…

  • Discrepancy in CPP balance

    I'm not sure if anyone can figure this out for me. When I pay my source deductions the credit for each account (UI, CPP, Income) should match the balance. At the end of each year our accountant gives me a total that is owing and says to just add it to…

  • Reverse Accidental Payment


    As you can see in the image below, I have a vendor bill of $4,508.70.  I made a partial payment of $2,254 through an e-transfer that SAGE picked up through my bank transactions.  I mistakenly assigned a 2nd payment to this bill.  As it is, SAGE is now…

  • First entry in General Journal

    I have a new fiscal year and am now to record all 2020 transactions into the program.

    The first one I attempted is a deposit of 2181.00

    I went to General Journal

    Source = Deposit

    Date: 1 day after year start , 02/01/2020

    Comment: Gov deposit

    Account Field…

  • Chart Of Accounts

    Hi, I was rushing through trying to do a few minor adjustments from 2019 before starting 2020 and added a new number to my COA. When I went to start a new year I got a notification saying that my COA is not in logical order. When I check the validity…