• Is Sage 50 down?

    Is Sage 50 down?  I can't seem to log into any of my companies, I get an error that says "An unexpected error has occurred while logging in. You must log in again"

  • account number grey out

    I am setting up a chart of accounts and I want to edit an account number but it is grey out. Not all of them are just a few. Any ideas why?

  • Bank credit memo

    Can anyone help me with this? How to do this in sage 50

  • Purchase quote

    Can anyone help me with this?

  • Settings

    How to do the red part on this step in Sage 50. 

  • CMIS2240

    I'm confused about the linked account in credit card. 

    And my second question is when I put the amount in the opening balance I got a different account and then when I put another amount that the last amount has gone.
  • Installing Sage 50 2020 Pro

    I had Sage 50 2020 Pro installed...not the subscription.  I am downloaded a trail version of 2022 Premium and it seems to have taken over my exsisting program.  I have uninstalled the Premium trial version.  2020 Pro is listed as an installed program in…

  • Can a SysAdmin log off other users


    Can I force a log out of other people who are still logged into sage? I have a licence for only 2 people and now I have 2 people logged into the system. But also I can't even log in as a sysadmin because two people are logged in. I am going to go…

  • Restoring Original File

    I started going through the Chapter 3 steps in Bihn's Bins to get used to the software. I did backups in the places the book told me to.

    Now I need to go back to the original file for a project for the course I am taking.

    The original file has all…

  • Prior year reconciliation

    I recently taken over as bookkeeper in a mechanical firm and found that the 3 (2018 onwards) previous years have not been reconciled. Is there any way I can reconcile starting this month?

  • Cannot start a new fiscal year, ask for correct the errors found before performing this action.


    I am using Sage 50 Canada 2021 currently. I would like to start a new fiscal year for one company, however it keep showing following notice.

    The showing current balance account payable & Note Receivable is the correct opening balance. This amount…

  • Rental Property


    Our company has built a rental property. The property will have one unit as a rental and the lower unit will be used for staff traveling at no expense to them. My question is how do I set up the accounts to keep track of the expenses for both the…

  • Customize Sales Invoice

    I want to do the following:

    • show a percentage sign (%) with the number in the quantity column instead of a decimal
    • I want to delete the GST line and show it at the bottom
    • Show the individual amount at the bottom of the invoice, horizontally.  I created…
  • Sage 50 Canadian v 2021.1.1 hotfix crashes CONSTANTLY on T4 print

    One of the more annoying things about Sage 50 CDN these days.....

  • Where to report NON-taxable benefits paid?

    My employees receive a non-taxable meal allowance daily (subsistence).  Although I have not deducted tax on this amount, the amount of subsistence is still included in total income box 14 of the T4 slip. Therefore, it shows that I did not withhold enough…

  • Non Cash Donation and sales in filling GST/HST return


    We made non cash donation to a charitable organization. We are going to receive tax receipt. 

    I made following entry. 

    I created Invoice to the organization, using sales journal.   Enter the sales amount(using Sales account code)  then deducted the same…

  • How to record GST/QST difference payback?

    Our previous accountant used sage tax report for GST/QST remittance, so there is always a balance in the beginning of period.

    When I reported for Jul-Sep/2020, I cleared all the beginning balance, which included GST/QST to pay amount for period of Jul…

  • Data error. Sage 50 Canadian Edition 2021.1 Advanced Check & Repair tool cannot adress the issue. data table TBRTR

    I am using Sage 50 Canadian Edition 2021.1 I used "open as an admin" to open the sage program. I am in the single-user mode and logged in as a system admin. I have some issue that cannot post into a future date. cannot add departments in payroll. when…

  • Recent synchronisation issues


    Recently, mainly since 2021.0 installation or shorlty after, we are ofter experiencing issues while we are working on Sage. 

    This mainly reocurs when we either submit an invoice or close Sage. Sage Drive Synchronisation pop up is showing and it freezes…

  • Try to backup but it give message that file exceed 2GM max that sage can do.

    Try to backup but it give message that file exceed 2GM max that sage can do. whent to the file and i can see 2gb file called errolog.txt.

    what should i so ?


  • Set up Vendor EFT

    How do I set up vendor EFT payments? I have been using EFT for payroll but now need documentation to set up vendors. Where do I find the 'how to'?

  • Tip for outage

    This is not a discussion or question but a Tip/Help

    you can go type on your internet search engine "status.sage.com" will tell you if any outages etc. 

  • Vacation Paid Out

    I am wondering if there is a way to change the linked account for vacation paid out through the payroll module.  I have setup different payroll accounts to decipher between employees that work in the office versus employees that are instructors.  When I…

  • How do I download the program again as we had a computer glitch

    Our computer glitched and we lost the program. How do we get the program again? We have payroll today so very important

  • Why is sage opening windows on my second screen and not on the screen that I am working on?

    Hi Everyone,

    We have a new employee and her Sage keeps opening windows up on her second screen and not on the larger screen she is working on. She keeps having to drag the window over because she is working on a small laptop and cannot read anything.