Does anyone have issues with Auto Entry?  I have no idea why Sage 50 affiliates them selves and promotes this Add on.  It has too many limitations.  First, the tax is based on VAT which is a one tax line.  It will not recognize PST and GST separately.  Second…

  • Error Message when trying to open SAGE 50 today

    Trying to open Sage and am getting this error message 

    You cannot open this company. It was created in a newer version or is incompatible with your SAGE 50 solution. Please contact the file owner/creator for a different version or contact SAGE to upgrade…

  • Law Firm Accounting

    Does anyone use Sage 50 Accountant Edition for a Law Firm?

  • Error message

    I keep getting this error:

    Another user is updating the company file now and has blocked you. Try again


    Another user has opened the company.  The mode you are currently using is not available. Pleas re-open the company

    Does anyone know how to fix…

  • Data Inconsistencies

    Hi there. I keep getting data inconsistencies in a shared file. Last week I ran the Sage_SA_dbutil.exe utility and it fixed the issue. Today again we have inconsistencies. I ran the utility file again and it fixed it again. But any idea why this keeps…

  • Slow typing in PO's vendor name, items numbers etc.

    Does anyone else notice very slow typing in PO vendor names, / item numbers etc.?? Not sure if it's a sage or windows issue. I'm just curious if anyone else is noticing this.


  • Problem numeric pad doesn't work


     Each time i am typing a number in an invoice, it won't work, will then switch to cap locks and, won't let me type any numbers; can someone help me please? i have tried : cap lock + num lock and, still won't do anything. is this a glitch from the…

  • Sage 50 Canadian v 2021.1.1 hotfix crashes CONSTANTLY on T4 print

    One of the more annoying things about Sage 50 CDN these days.....

  • Simply accounting 2011 file not found?

    How do I post a question or get help with simply accounting 2011, all of a sudden it says file not found when I open the company, it worked yesterday?

    thank you!

  • Data Inconsistencies Have Been Detected

    Hi All,

    I really hope you can help me! 

    I am trying to switch over to a new year. When I check my data integrity, I get the message that inconsistencies have been detected. I discovered the problem is between my Deposits ($857) and Prepaid/Deposits ($56…

  • Error Message

    Sage is telling me I have used my key code too many times and I need to upgrade the software to allow more users.  I know we have the appropriate version of Sage and have not exceeded our user limit.  Can anyone explain why I am getting this message and…

  • Sharing with Remote Access

    After a crash my company stopped sharing. When I try to re-share it I get an error message saying that I cannot share the company as a company with the same ID is already sharing the company and to please stop sharing that company first. I am stuck as…

  • this shared company is already open.

    why do we spend our time on this forum ? does sage even monitor this, do they care ? this is probably the fifth time I have had this issue .the only answer is dump the cloud it can't be trusted 

  • Crashing again! Sage please provide feedback!

    The computer had no issues with the network drive.  Our IT people are stumped.  SAGE customer support is busy.  2 types of error messages!!

  • "Another user is updating the company file now and has blocked you. Try again."

    I haven't found any post referencing this exact error message and am astonished because it is the root cause of problems in our organization.

    We use Sage Drive and have around 3/4 users online when someone/everyone encounters this error.

    I've reached…

  • Logging into a shared company on a 2nd laptop

    I am trying to log into a 2nd laptop (different user id) for a shared sage 50 company.  Each time it comes up saying "this shared company is already open".

    I have tried shutting everything down - being logged out of both ids & computers - tried…

  • Multiple Error Messages for Sage Drive


    There are only two of us logged onto Sage Drive this morning (in same office to boot!) and we keep getting the error message that either the "Drive is Busy" or once we actually get into Simply and we are both working then I ( as I have main…

  • Sage Screen Print

    Why is it that the type on the Sage 50 looks so faded out it is much lees bold than my other programs,

    inculding what I am typing write now. I find it hard to read by the end of the day.

  • Says Shared Company Already Open

    Why can't I open my company files?  I have been trying for 2 hours.  It says that the company is already open.  I can assure you it isn't.  From what I read this was a problem that was supposed to be resolved.  I never received an email on how to resolve…

  • Sage 50 Remote Access

    I keep getting the following message when trying to open a shared Sage 50 file:

    "another user is currently working with this company on this computer"

    It seems my computer thinks I'm already in the file but I'm not. There is nothing appearing…

  • GST on Sage Billing

    Hi everyone,

    Hope all doing well and safe.

    I don't see the GST in my recent renewal bill issued by Sage!

    In the past the bill was showing the GST charged, however this year I see the line showing ZERO on my order confirmation although the TOTAL amount…

  • Remote data access not working


    Our Sage50 setup includes 5 companies with multiple users in each company. One company was successfully shared yesterday by the data owner, with a second user able to log in and work. The second user logged out for a time and when they tried to…

  • sage 50 CA cannot start.it shows starting the application and then nothing happens

    Does anyone have this problem. It reaches the stage to open the file and then I choose the last file used and after clicking ok it just says starting  and then nothing happens

  • Remote Data Access error message "this file C:\...sai is currently being used by another application."

    I get this error message everytime I log into my company via remote data access. I close out properly, so I am unsure what or where it is getting hung up.

    "This file 'C:\filename.sai' is currently being used by another application. Please enter a different…

  • Shared company files with SAGE ID

    3 of us share access to 4 company files. Regularly I try to open one of the shared companies, it does the download, opening data base, synchronizing and updating. Then I get the message "This shared company is already open". Even if someone else is in…