• How to get Sales Order Number for a given Invoice Number...

    I'm trying to figure out how to relate Sales Order Number to Invoice Number in the data (for extract and reporting). There is a screen in the front-end that does this titled "Sales - Looking up Invoice xxxxxxx". It shows both the Invoice Number and the…

  • Can I back up today (May 10), then start new fiscal year and record entries for May, then later on restore the back-up, do y/e aje's then start fiscal year(again) and "re enter " May transactions?

    Hi everyone!  Our year end is April 30, but I am still waiting for our accountant to finalise year ending April 30 2021.  So if I start a new fiscal year, I cannot go back to April 2021 to do the accountant's year end journal entries. (I can only work in…

  • Back ups

    Hello, I have not be able to back up my data. I am unable to back up either of my companies. When I switch to single user mode and start the backup all it does is sits there for a minute and then disappears and closes Sage! I have tried backing up to a…

  • I can't start a new year

    Hi Sage Community,

    I'm trying to start a new year but I receive an error message "An error has occured transfering the data of the actual exercice to the previous one". (first image)

    I ran the "advanced verification" but didn't work either…

  • Importing Transactions from a Sage File

    I recently discovered that I moved to a new fiscal year end too soon and needed to reopen a backup copy to add the transactions for the previous year. (We changed fiscal year ends from Aug 31 2021 to Dec 31 2021 so I could only post back as far as Sept…

  • Opening a file

    Sage 50 cannot open the database because the database engine reported an error. 

    Please help me. 

  • I can not advance to a new calendar year.

     Sage 50 2022.2, I have cleared all past years historical data, restored backup made in early Nov. (before installing 2022 upgrade) will advance to Jan. 1,2022 but backups made after 2022 upgrade will not.  Advance Database Check gives an error and the…

  • Cannot Open File.

    I cannot open my SAI' file (Sage 50 Data File) because I renamed it recently. The error message is: A required data file is missing. Check your data integrity to be sure the files are there. I do see the file folder however of the previous named file…

  • Fiscal Year

    Hello, I recently started a new year 2022.  When I went back into this company I've noticed that the session date is now 01/01/23. I did not change the year to 2023 can anyone tell me if I am able to change this?

  • Error Message When Importing SKUs - cannot be added because the type entered is invalid.

    When trying to import SKUs to Sage I am receiving the below error message:

    Cannot be added because the type entered is invalid.

    The file is .CSV, and the format looks the same as the SKUs that are importing corretly.

  • I'm trying to "Start a New Year" and get error message ... moving current year's data to last year.


    I'm trying to start my new year and I get an error message "An error has occurred while moving current year to last year. As a result, the new fiscal year could not start. Please restore from backup or run Advanced Database Check" In the…

  • Simply Accounting 2010 Help

    When trying to change the calendar year. I receive an error message regarding moving payroll information to previous year. told to do a advance database check, which resulted in message that problem was detected but not fixable. Any suggestions how i…

  • Restore the backup and do the respective declaration for 2016?

    I had Sage accounting installed, I got employed so I closed my business, no need to accounting again on the business.  But my accountant forgot to send 'revenue de societes' declaration for 2016.

    It is possible to restore the backups I have, to…

  • journal entries in Sage folders

    Win 10. Sage 2018.3

    Greetings to all! I'm new in this community and I look forward to meeting my fellow users.

    Since the last backup of my company files I’ve entered some more journal entries which unfortunately were not backup. However I do have…

  • Sage shared file (cloud) multiple user form issue

    We just started to use the shared file feature as we have 2 locations (different buildings) for 2 different computers. We have set everything up for each location, but discovered today that the forms we have designed in Sage do not 'travel' with the file…

  • Opening a company saved as a zip file and import journal entries

    My version: Sage-50 Pro 2018. The fiscal year of my Company A is Dec 31. In 2020 I made journal entries up to J414. The next day I continued entries up to J452, which was the final entry for 2020, and I saved it as a zip file. When I started a new year…

  • Import Accounts from a different company

    Sage 50 Pro Accounting (Release 2018.3) 

    I want to Import Accounts from a different company, All Google results show menu options totally different from mine. e.g. there is no Account Importing in File > Export/Import, neither under the Chart of Accounts…

  • Exporting Sales Invoices to create a csv file

    Hello, is there a 3rd party "app" or anything that would work to be able to export sales invoices in Sage50?  For example, if we want to export sales invoices that were entered for the past 3 days, is there a way to do that to create a .csv file…

  • SAI Backups

    Last bookkeeper sent a backup file with SAI extension on the end.  Restore doesn't recognize or see the file.  Can I somehow get the data from this file?

  • Missing data

    Hello, I never backed up my data after each daily session as I assumed it was stored in the cloud. All entries were stored each time I opened the program. My desktop died and I am told that there is no way to recover the data, so I may have lost years…

  • Really messed up some Journal Entries -

    I create a Saved file at the end of each month.      I really messed up some journal entries this month September and I would like to just go back to my previous month's Saved file and start again.   Is this possible?     If I click on the previous month…

  • 2013 Sage 50 Pro Accounting error "files missing"

    I have Sage 2013 Pro accounting and am trying to put it on my home computer to work from home. However, I keep getting a message "Cannot open company file. A required data file is missing. I get this error when trying to open a data file or restoring…

  • GIFI

    I am trying to create a GIFI file for a client:-


    >> Import / Export

    >>>> Electronic Filing

    >>>>>> Export GIFI

    but I keep getting the following error message - Unable to open the GIFI file.

    Any ideas anyone?

  • How to import Credit notes in Sage 50


    I have 800 credit notes to enter in Sage50 Canadian Edition , i want to know if it is possible to import them? i already know how to import sales invoices through an .IMP file, i want to know if it is possible to do the same for credit notes, if n…

  • How to import basic invoices?

    Hi all,

    I just want to do something very basic, that is, to import a simple invoice into SAGE50!  I cannot find anything on how to do it (unless I missed something)

    Lets assume I have an invoice (date, description, amount, accounting code #)

    - How do…