• Fiscal Year

    Hello, I recently started a new year 2022.  When I went back into this company I've noticed that the session date is now 01/01/23. I did not change the year to 2023 can anyone tell me if I am able to change this?

  • Restore the backup and do the respective declaration for 2016?

    I had Sage accounting installed, I got employed so I closed my business, no need to accounting again on the business.  But my accountant forgot to send 'revenue de societes' declaration for 2016.

    It is possible to restore the backups I have, to…

  • journal entries in Sage folders

    Win 10. Sage 2018.3

    Greetings to all! I'm new in this community and I look forward to meeting my fellow users.

    Since the last backup of my company files I’ve entered some more journal entries which unfortunately were not backup. However I do have…

  • Opening a company saved as a zip file and import journal entries

    My version: Sage-50 Pro 2018. The fiscal year of my Company A is Dec 31. In 2020 I made journal entries up to J414. The next day I continued entries up to J452, which was the final entry for 2020, and I saved it as a zip file. When I started a new year…

  • SAI Backups

    Last bookkeeper sent a backup file with SAI extension on the end.  Restore doesn't recognize or see the file.  Can I somehow get the data from this file?

  • Missing data

    Hello, I never backed up my data after each daily session as I assumed it was stored in the cloud. All entries were stored each time I opened the program. My desktop died and I am told that there is no way to recover the data, so I may have lost years…

  • Really messed up some Journal Entries -

    I create a Saved file at the end of each month.      I really messed up some journal entries this month September and I would like to just go back to my previous month's Saved file and start again.   Is this possible?     If I click on the previous month…

  • 2013 Sage 50 Pro Accounting error "files missing"

    I have Sage 2013 Pro accounting and am trying to put it on my home computer to work from home. However, I keep getting a message "Cannot open company file. A required data file is missing. I get this error when trying to open a data file or restoring…

  • Unable to get Connection Manager to run so that I can access my data.

    I sign on to my computer as an administrator, according to Settings, Your info.

    No one else uses my computer.  There are no other computers connected to this computer.

    I have Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021.1.1 installed on this computer and the data files…

  • Restoring Original File

    I started going through the Chapter 3 steps in Bihn's Bins to get used to the software. I did backups in the places the book told me to.

    Now I need to go back to the original file for a project for the course I am taking.

    The original file has all…

  • Missing Company Files

    A (very) long time user of Sage 50 Accountant Edition (currently 2021.1.1).  Recently, I've been having company files go missing.  Completely gone, both the SAJ and SAI files.  I've had it happen three times now.  The first time, I had no idea what…

  • My backups won't load - Sage 50 Pro 2019

    Hi, I have Sage 50 Pro 2019 on a PC at our office.  Since Covid 19 and I'm now working at home, we decided to move it to a laptop that I could travel with.  Our IT person downloaded the Sage on the laptop, but my backup's won't load.

    I tried…

  • Backup and restore

    I had to delete and reinstall sage 50 pro accounting 2021 my company file is not there and I have no backup how can I start again

  • Back ups not working properly

    Prior to the latest upgrade to I used to be able to back up to a flash drive - now it takes like forever I mean forever to process and then it does nothing

    I have been able to tweak it to save it by clicking and then clicking again on the processing…

  • Sage Drive

    I used to use Sage Drive to share access with the accountant, now I cannot add the updated backup to the Drive. Do I have to set up a new user directly in SAGE 50 Can. Ed.? I also used to use the Drive as an extra backup location, but I can no longer…

  • Backup file

    When i backup my acctg. the backup goes to a cabinet file not a file folder with 50487 KB of datai I only need the current acctg data to email to auditors

  • .CAB file won't email

    Hi there, 

    I am trying to send my accountant our CAB file and it keeps getting sent back to me.  Any ideas why? (It worked fine last year )

  • Error code

    I am just finishing entering in history mode. I installed Microsoft 365 business and integrated with Sage. OneDrive synced with my files, so when I tried to open Sage again, it didn’t work, throwing an error code that couldn’t find files (I assume because…

  • Cannot Move Year forward

    I am trying to move a company with a year end of November 1, 2020 forward and I keep getting error message stating that I must do an advanced database check and or restore the company.

    I've done both.  Still not working?  What can I do to resolve this…

  • New Year start

    I just started a new year in my accounting program and it jumped ahead to 2022-01-01 instead of 2021-01-01 how do I fix?

  • Back Error - Unable to open a file to be backed up

    Hello Fellow Sagers & Sagettes!

    I'm brand new to using Sage. I created a new 2021-2022 file and it has no data (File size 1KB). When I normally close Sage it back it up my 2020 - 2021 with no issues. 

    When I close sage under this new file I receive…

  • unable to restore back up files

    Hi, my computer crashed, was able to save files but can export to new computer?

  • administrator

    I have sage 50 premium 2019 . I can access the sample company but i can not access my company unless i use the administrator. it wasnt a problem for me until I sent a back up copy to my accountant . She is unable to open it and gets the same message as…

  • Sage 50 backup

    Hello guys.

    How are you?

    So I created a new company and then I wanted to open another company from a different back up file. However, when I was trying to open/restore the other company, it suddenly created a new back up file under this new company I…

  • Automatic daily backups- multi user

    My automatic daily backup has never backed up for me, we use Sage 50 multi users, and the backup location ONLY is pointing to dropbox. I chose daily backup and found out i haven't backed up in months!! Any tips?