dbClient.GetConnectionInfo(szFileDir, szHost, szPort) parameters

I'm writing an application in VB.NET to run custom queries against the Sage 50 database. I've gone through the SDK manuals, but have some additional questions while walking through the sample code. We run the connection manager on the server and install the software on workstations. All the files are stored on the server. A user opens a company file by launching it from a mapped drive.

Can someone elaborate on the requirements for the dbClient.GetConnectionInfo(szFileDir, szHost, szPort) parameters?
szFileDir - This is the path to the 'simply' database. Can this be a on a network drive, e.g. R:\Sage50\test.SAI? Could it be mapped, e.g. \\\Sage50\test.SAI? Would I have to create a symbolic link (JUNCTION)? As mentioned above; the file does not reside locally. If I do provide the file locally, I get a missing connection manager error. I do not want to run this app on the server.
szHost - Could this be an IP address? Could it be a hostname?
szPort - In the Sample code, the port is blank. Should I set this to 13540 or it is assumed elsewhere?

  • I was able to answer some of the questions:

    szFileDir - This can be a on a network drive, e.g. R:\Sage50\test.SAI, but not \\\Sage50\test.SAI.

    szHost - This can be an IP address or a hostname.

    szPort - If left blank, it gets populated by the GetConnectionInfo method. Not sure how though.