Cheque templates needs to show description lines

I am trying to set up the cheque template in the Make other payment type.  We need to display the individual line items on the cheque stub so they will be attributed correctly by the recipient.  So, for example, if the cheque is in payment of three separate items, there will be three lines of Description and three Amounts paid.  However, I can't find how to display this information on the cheque stub.  The template only seems to show the total amount of the cheque and the text entered in the Invoice/Ref. field, not the individual line items.  How do I get this information to be shown on the cheque stub?

  • skylang said:
    I am trying to set up the cheque template in the Make other payment type

    If you're working with a version before release 2014.3, then there may be more fields available in the Crystal Reports forms.

    I the version is 2014.3 and later, then what you see in the Sage report designer, are all the fields that can be added to a form.


    Some ideas on documenting  vendor payments without vendor invoices:

    -  create a Purchase Order with all the required details, print it, and either:

    -  record a prepayment from the PO, then flip the Purchase Order into an invoice and fill all the backorders,


    - record a regular payment cheque after flipping the Purchase Order over to an Invoice..  

    Prepayments have to be applied to the final invoice, but you can print the Purchase Order number as the prepayment reference.


    You might also look at possibly paying through the Payroll module, using reimbursements.  These will print on the cheque stub.   Reimbursements can only go to expense accounts, so if you need to track Sales Tax that won't work.

    I couldn't make these detail lines print using Debbie's instructions, but the Original Poster seems satisfied.

  • Depends on where your stubs are on your cheques: In Settings> Reports & Forms click on Cheques> Bank and set your cheque description to one that will print stub information (Payment cheque - Easy Align). If your stubs are above your cheques, use Payment Stub-Cheque - Easy Align

    If the Invoice #'s are not appearing on the stubs, someone has cleared the Source in the Customize window. To get it back, click "Customize form" beside the cheque type selection. Double click in the first section of the stub. In the window that opens, tick the box beside "Source number" and move it up to position 1. Click OK. Click OK again. Your cheques should now print with invoice numbers on them!

    If you use the same cheques for Payroll, check the box at the top of the window "Use the same cheques for payment and payroll cheques"

  • Thanks, this at least shows the Invoice number.  We still have a problem with a government agency where there are fees to pay for several programs without invoice numbers.  In the past we always put the name of the program being paid for in each line item, but there doesn't seem to be any way to include the Item Description on the cheque stub.