Can't figure out how to do this journal entry

From the accountant I have this general journal entry to make:

But as you can probably guess, I do not know how to make this entry in the General Journal since one cannot access the subledgers that way, that is, one cannot make a general journal entry to 2100 Accounts Payable.

At this point I have explored the General Journal,

and the Payments Journal, which doesn't work either because it wants me to select from where the payment is made.

I could figure this out easily enough if the books were still manual ;) Not sure how to translate this into Sage 50... is anyone able to solve this dilemma?



  • You cannot do a general journal entry when it involves Account Receivable or Account Payable accounts as you have already discovered. In your case you need to create a new vendor (if not already set up) for your accountant. Then in the purchase module you will enter his invoice as shown - 3000.00 to acct nbr 5610 and if you are using Tax Codes then you would need to select the GST Tax code. Then you can go into the Payment module to pay the invoice.

    Anytime your accountant gives you a general journal entry that affects the A/R or A/P account nbrs you will have to find out who the customers or suppliers/vendors are and process them thru A/R module or A/P module.

  • If your accountant has given you the entry to balance your GL to the AP subledger then you first must turn off the linked account to do the entry.  If your GL and AP balances and your accountant has given you this entry go back to your accountant and ask they why their trying to adjust a linked account and by doing so would make the GL and AP not balance.

  • In general accountants do this quite often since they are not bookkeepers and do not work on Sage products - usually Caseware is used to enter all the information from the Trial Balance and all the adjustments done thru Caseware. Caseware does not have subledgers for payables or receivables hence why you will see those kind of adjusting entries sometimes. Some accountant will also submit the details (customer/vendor names etc) but in general you just need to ask for the breakdown to that JE..

  • berneil: Eeek... that sounds kinda scary :( don't think I wanna get into that for fear of really messing things up!

  • smithco: well that certainly helps me understand why I received that general journal entry... I actually think I already have put that into the system... will have to take a look...

    This is all a hangover for the adjusting journal entries from 2013 I received from the accountant in spring of 2014... I have done a few "trial" runs of adjusting JEs, but now that 2014 is done and need to rollover to 2015, just trying to finish it all up and do the "real" set of adjusting journal entries... back-up, back-up back-up... VERY NERVOUS!!!