Really messed up some Journal Entries -

I create a Saved file at the end of each month.      I really messed up some journal entries this month September and I would like to just go back to my previous month's Saved file and start again.   Is this possible?     If I click on the previous month's .SAI file, it does open up SAGE 50 at the point I was at the end of August.      Can I do that and just continue from there and resave when I am done?     I am so scared to do this in case it is not the correct way.     Thank you.

  • Hi Trish:

    If you have saved the company file as a different name for your previous month then yes just open the previous month's file and start adding in your next month's entries. If you meant to say you have a previous backup of your data for August as opposed to September then you could restore your previous months backup using the same company name and start entering for September. On another note if you just put in several incorrect entries they can be adjusted or voided in Sage 50 to avoid putting in all of your September entries.

    Hope this helps!

  • Thank you. And just to confirm, i saved my August monthend as August, just by sàving it, and I have an August.sai file.    I would just like to go back to that point and start September again.   And then save September with the corrections.    I didnt know I could void JE's.  Then they just disappear from your corrections?