Prepaids Receipts

I am presently using SAGE 50 PRO  2021.  I recently started to do the accounting for the condominium building in which I reside with my wife  This is done on a NO FEES BASIS. Evidently some unit owners pay their  monthly fees in advance , some even pay the whole year in advance.  In theory ( if I am correct ) this prepaid amount should normally appear on the financials ( Balance Sheet - Trial Balance etc ) in account no. 2460.   

In the past ( up to Dec 2010 ) I was using SAGE 50 SIMPLY ACCOUNTING Version 2012.  In Dec 2021 I purchased a new laptop ( ( ASUS ).   When I tried to install the SAGE 50 version 2012 , it was incompatible with my new laptop.   I therefore purchased  a new one - - SAGE 50 PRO 2021 and installed it on my new laptop.

In the 2012 version , when a unit owner paid their monthly fees in advance I posted the amount in the receipts window ( the section in which the charges show and in which the payments were posted ).    This amount then appeared on the financials as a negative amount for the unit owner who paid it in advance.  Then every month ( in the receipts window ) I showed a receipt for the amount of the monthly fees. This amount was then deducted from the amount already received.    I never had any problems with this in this version.  

In the new version ( SAGE 50 PRO 2021 ) , I cannot post a prepaid amounts in the receipts window. ? ? ?   I therefore , changed account no 2460 to a NON LINKED account.  In that way I can post the prepaid amount to the financials with a Journal Entry , HOWEVER in doing so the unit owners account does not show the overpaid ( prepaid ) amount .

Can someone please help me with this problem.  ? ? ? 

Albert A.