Unable to get Connection Manager to run so that I can access my data.

I sign on to my computer as an administrator, according to Settings, Your info.

No one else uses my computer.  There are no other computers connected to this computer.

I have Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021.1.1 installed on this computer and the data files are in various folders.  I only make a few Journal entries every month.

I open Simply Accounting by double-clicking on a small (1 kb) file 211231.SAI - this opens the window "Welcome to Sage 50.  What do you want to do?"

I usually select "Open the last company you worked on - C:\xxxx\Accounting\211231", then click OK.

A small window opens and states "The Sage 50 Connection Manager is installed but isn't running on the computer where you store your data.  The Sage 50 Connection Manager allows Sage 50 to connect to your company data.  To help to resolve this issue click 'Help Me Troubleshoot...'"

My comment:  The Connection Manager IS installed on this computer - and so are the data files!

So, I click "Help Me Troubleshoot..."

Following the instructions on the Sage 50 Troubleshooter, I open the Start menu, open the Sage 50Accounting program group and select "Sage 50 Connection Manager".

A small window headed "Sage 50 Connection Manager" opens and I can see in the small "Status" sub-window that the 'Sage 50 Connection Manager" is not running.

I click the little box "Start Service", then click "Yes" to the request "Do you want to ...."

A small window then opens and informs me that "The Connection Manager Service could not be started.  You need administrative rights on this computer to start the service.  If you already have administrative rights, then try starting the service again.  If the problem persists, check the online Knowledgebase for solutions."

My comment:  as far as I am aware, I sign on as an administrator when I open my computer, so what is the problem?

I went to command Prompt and entered something or other, but I realized that I could not proceed to make any changes to anything because everything was gobbledygook to me!  Note: I have been using Simply Accounting since 1997.

Does anyone have an easy solution to this problem, please?  How do I start the Connection Manager and open my data?

I should also note that the last couple of times I closed the program and tried to make a backup, it said something like "there is an error and integrity of the data can not be verified", or words to that effect.

Please help!!!

Best wishes,


  • You can go into the Control Panel, into Administrative Tools and run the Services program (could be as easy on Win10 as doing a search for Services).  The Service should be listed in there as Sage 50 Database Connection Manager.  It will show if it has started and allow you to right-click and start it, stop it or restart it.

    You can also set it to specifically use an Administrator account to start regardless of who logs in (see the Properties).

    I've seen recently some changes to WebRoot has caused problems with the connection on one computer.  I don't know what the changes are but when the IT person changed the Firewall settings, everything was ok again.  If you use a Third-Party firewall or Anti-Virus program, this may be getting in the way but on the other computer, the service was started, so it may not be your issue.

  • On the basis of the above, I opened the Services and set the Sage 50 Database Connection Manager to Automatic and Running and the program started and the files were there.

    Thankyou so much for your help!

    Stay safe!

    Colin MacCallum

  • Hi Colin, happy to see that the community helped you figure out a solution!Tada

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