Missing Company Files

A (very) long time user of Sage 50 Accountant Edition (currently 2021.1.1).  Recently, I've been having company files go missing.  Completely gone, both the SAJ and SAI files.  I've had it happen three times now.  The first time, I had no idea what the issue was and had to restore from a backup, no biggie.  The second time, it happened right after I had backed up but walked away from the computer for several hours.  When I came back to the computer, I hit the usual "ok" button after the verification of the backup.  I then noticed that my list of clients was shorter, and sure enough, the company that I was backing up had completely disappeared.  Had to restore from the backup, again no biggie.  Also realized, that the first time, too,  I had been backing up when this occurred.  This last time I had also walked away from a backup for at least an hour, and now, that file too is missing from my list of companies....however, this time, when I came back to the computer there was the message that a backup already existed for the file name, so tried to back up with a different name but kept getting an error message (unfortunately, don't recall what that message was).  Since I was not able to complete the back up I have lost the data I entered today, so now it's an issue, and it's game on!  What the heck is happening here?  I've never experienced this before.  It may be coincidental, but I have been using the "Match Bank Transactions" feature, about the same time that this started happening.  Is there any correlation?  Obviously, the fix is to make sure I acknowledge and complete the backup before leaving the computer, but I don't think this should be happening in the first place.  Can you please advise??

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