Supplier Price List - Import and Create New Items

Supplier Price List - our suppliers provide us with a price list in excel.  Will the import within Sage 50 Cloud Canada find the equivalent item number, update description and add price?  If the number is not found will it add it?   If not is there another way of adding item numbers in batch vs one by one.  Talking hundreds of items.

What are the steps to  import a price list, is there a template to follow or formula.

  • You can download the price list through File / Import/Export / Export Records / Export Price Lists / Inventory & Services. This will give you a download of all your current inventory which can be opened in Excel. The important part is to not change the first line in the file. You can massage the data in the second and subsequent lines being certain that the format remains the same for every line as this is required when importing back to Sage 50. Add, delete, change the information to suit your needs.

  • Thanks, so if there is a new item to be uploaded back into SA will it do that, how does it know what accounts to link it to or is that a field within the import / export.

  • When you fill in all of the information required, yes, it will add in the new items. I believe the accounts for linking are included in the export/import but if not you may have to add it individually. When I am making changes to inventory I always export the file and make one or two of the required changes/additions or deletions and then import the file back to Sage 50 to see what the import was able to complete. This saves me making all of the changes and then finding something does not react the way I am expecting. 

    Good luck with this as it sounds like a large file you have to work with.

  • Bobcaygeon

    I am going to have to disagree with Alwyn on this one part.  The import of the price list will not create new items if the items do not exist in the file.  I haven't imported price lists in quite a while nor tested items that don't exist but it is possible the program will stop the import when it sees a new item or it might ignore the new one(s) and continue.  You should test this concept on a copy of your file before you try it on a live version.

    There is a separate import file format for new items (see Help under Import Records).

  • Ok so our supplier sends us a new price list in excel.  I am unclear of the steps:

    First for existing items: Do I export current inventory list from Sage to excel and then merge this file with the supplier price list for existing items?  Merge by item number? 

    Then I import final excel spreadsheet back into  Sage with updated information.

    Second:  For brand new inventory items ?? do I use the import / export section?  Is this the function you would use if you  were a first time user to Sage and you were transferring / migrating all your inventory items.

    Is there further information on the specifics of the Import Export feature, I am only finding very High level instructions.  Biggest questions is how to get new inventory items in Sage with item #, Description, account linked accounts.