Importing Invoices with IMP file - How do I set the "Item Number" in Sage?


I am looking to invoice out of our PSA and transfer the invoices into Sage 50 Accounting.  I have the IMP file format understood; however, have an issue regarding the Item Number needed for the Detail portion of the invoice for importing.  I do not see anywhere to set this (although, I am wondering/asking if the Inventory and Service Module is required).

In Sage, I set up an account for myself and enabled the settings that this client uses Sage 50 and shares the same Item Numbers.  I then created an invoice and sent it to myself so the IMP file would come along with it.  It came, but the field for Item number came through as BLANK.  (see below)  When the invoice items were created below the GL Account was selected and associated.

Is there another place to configure this?  Or can I just use the GL Account Code in that field for importing?  Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Example export from Sage

"My Company","0", ,"My Address", ,"City","Prov","PC","Canada","phone", ,"Fax"
"11", ,"193253","3-18-2021","1011.15","0.00","0","0","0.00"
<Was expecting a number here>,"1.0000","95.0000","95.00","GST","0","1","5.00","4.75"