Sage 50 renewal - outrageous increase yet again

Am I the only one that finds repeated 20% price increases ridiculous? 

  • Yes I totally agree these yearly price increases are absurd.  And now they are adding a "Renewal Admin Fee" for 2021.  Like WTH, the $1600 doesn't already cover the renewal fee.  Ridiculous!!!!  

  • Hi Jason / 8nahalf, thanks for this feedback.

    I've located the Sage 50 account and have forwarded it onto the Sales management team for review. In the case of both your accounts (400xxxxx211 and 400xxxxxx791) the service plans are not set up for Auto Renewal which would prompt a renewal admin fee. Happy to have the team reach out to set this up so you're not charged this fee.

    Warm Regards,

  • Yeah, after we were auto-charged a renewal with a massive price increase, the boss would not authorize auto renewals with Sage any longer. Each and every year since we have seen very large increases and each year has required discussions with Sage to try to reduce the cost. It's ridiculous.