Cannot Move Year forward

I am trying to move a company with a year end of November 1, 2020 forward and I keep getting error message stating that I must do an advanced database check and or restore the company.

I've done both.  Still not working?  What can I do to resolve this issue?

Also is there a reason why the SAGE help phone number will not connect to a person anymore?  This doesn't seem like very good customer support.



  • Hi @Sarah,

    Thanks for reaching out. Did you ever find an answer for this issue? If you are still looking for guidance, please let us know and we can try to point you in the right direction or suggest some resources or next steps.

    Note that the KB below advises "If data integrity is not OK, then look at Article ID 10222: How to solve "Data inconsistencies have been detected" in the Integrity Summary window. If the company is still in History mode, then look at Article ID 12127: How to exit history mode?:

    How to advance fiscal or calendar year?


    Warm Regards,