Can anyone tell me where i can go to file a complaint?

To say that Sage customer service is atrocious, is actually an understatement. I am currently now on day 3 of trying to get support for an issue. On Tuesday, I tried speaking with chat for an issue that was unresolvable through the agent. I was set for a call back, which of course came hours later when i was out of office. The agent on the phone had sent me an email to contact him when I was back for him to contact me. I emailed him once Tuesday, and than again Wednesday morning. After not hearing back i tried to contact support via phone, and there were no agents so i was disconnected from the call. I again tried to contact via chat, where i waited almost an hour to be connected, spent another 2 hours on chat trying to fix the issue. Again, chat help was not able to resolve the issue. I was told i was set for a callback, and after waiting 6 hours, that call never came. Every single time I need support (which conveniently is listed on the invoice that i pay Sage) it takes hours upon hours, and currently days to fix an issue. This is absolutely not acceptable for a reputable business to allow this constant issue. I absolutely hate dealing with Sage due to this issue. I would like to file a formal complaint in regards to this never ending issue of Sage severely lacking customer support. 

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    Very sorry to hear about your experience, thank you for this feedback. I've passed it along to Sage 50 CA Support's Management Team for review and asked them to set up a callback which they've set up (you may have already received it). Also made a note of this on your account (located with your email tied to Sage City) with Service Request 90xxxxxxxx14.  

    Checked the support ticket chat notes regarding your question and found KB 55800 , perhaps you can try the opposite of the below steps:


    The only way to remove the disclosure at this time is to:

    1. Go to Setup, Settings, Receivables, Options
    2. Turn of the Interest Charge for Customer Statements
    3. Click OK

    The compound interest disclosure cannot be modified.

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  • Fortunately i was able to have the issue resolved over the phone. But that does not mean that the customer support or wait times have gotten any better. I feel Sage needs to do better in being able to help its clients in a more timely manner. Its absolutely unacceptable that it took thing long for resolution. 

  • Hi , glad to hear that you got assistance. Thank you for this feedback, will be sure to pass it along.

  • "help yourself" is not the same as support.  It's support I paid for, and yet no one answers the phone.

  • Hello Helmutts, 

    The support number 1-888-522-2722 is available during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm ET, excluding holidays. This information can be found within the Sage 50 CA program by going to Help > About Sage 50 > Support Info > and then going to the hyperlink "Click here for customer assistance information." This takes you to KB 11079, hope this helps.