Unable to advance to next calendar year

I am unable to advance a client's file to 2021.  I have fixed data inconsistencies that appeared while using SAGE Drive.  Despite this, I can't move forward as there are other errors and i have no way of knowing how to fix the problem.  Phones are bogged & I've been waiting for chat reply for over an hour.  Not sure this is a place to get any help?

  • Hi @InspiredSolutions,

    Thanks for reaching out. Did you ever find an answer for this issue? If you are still looking for guidance, please let us know and we can try to point you in the right direction or suggest some resources or next steps.

    Note that the KB below advises "If data integrity is not OK, then look at Article ID 10222: How to solve "Data inconsistencies have been detected" in the Integrity Summary window.":

    How to advance fiscal or calendar year?


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