adjustment of payroll

Waiting on level 2 support but wondering if someone has this issue... after upgrade to 2020.0, we adjusted a visa charge (had been issued to wrong name) and reposted. BUT Sage adjusted a payroll cheque - had nothing to do with original entry and was not a data entry error. We now have a payroll cheque that shows it was ADJ to a new JE, but that new JE is a visa charge. Below is a screen shot of the adjusted payroll cheque and the corresponding correction. You can see the ADJ was a payroll cheque and the CORRECTION was a visa charge.

The other odd thing is that this supposedly ADJUSTED payroll cheque is still visible and can be reprinted. It also appears in a payroll details for this employee, as if it was never adjusted. But, because it was adjusted, it is throwing off the bank account as well as the expense accounts...

CONFUSED! Can anyone help?

  • Hi not sure if your issue is resolved

    but I think is best maybe if you can show J43 original, and J10303 and J10304 see if they are matching.

  • No, its not resolved. Have spoke with 2 different level 2 people at sage, no resolve, and waiting 2 days for the final "higher level" call that has not come in yet. Below is J43, which was the original paycheque.  

    The original entry was J43 which was a payroll cheque, and J10303 was the adjmt then J10304 is supposed to be the correction, but its a visa charge... we never touched a paycheque, we adjusted a visa charge... any ideas?