Entering Restaurant Register Sales

Hi, I’ve recently started setting up Sage 50 for a small take out restaurant. I’m new to accounting with Sage and also for a restaurant. I’ve used quickbooks some for a different type of company where it was invoice only and we didn’t really deal with different accounts. 

I’m having a hard timing figuring out how to put the daily register sales in. I’ve read a little about using the ledger but I’m very unfamiliar with this. I’ve also read about using a sales invoice for each day (which is how it would be done in quickbooks I believe). I think I would prefer the sales invoice method but I’m unsure how to go about it. 

Also like to know if I have to show the different payment type totals or if it can just be all cash? We aren’t connecting the program to the bank or tracking deposits with it. It’s only being used for payroll and to keep track of expenses and sales. I’ve read about people using a cash clearing account and what not but I’m not sure why I would have to if we aren’t prossessing the deposit slips through sage. 

I’d really appreciate any advice you could give!

thank you