starting from scratch...sort of...

Hi Everyone, first post here!!

Looking for some insight on how i can go about starting a fresh version of simply for our existing company. 

Background: We have been using simply for many years now...over the years, much of the data has become corrupt or simply not maintained properly. As a result, inventory is way off, as are pretty much any report we try to run ie. profit margins etc..

We want to start a new (old) company in simply and then migrate over the mundane stuff like customer names, vendor names, chart of accounts etc so that we dont have to enter them all one by one. How could i go about doing this without importing the 'data'. Basically we want a clean copy in which we can start over and for once have reliable information in front of our eyes...

I have already exported accounts, customer, vendor and inventory into a file folder i created. I dont think i will use the inventory because it is way off...unless i can somehow zero out all the items?

Thanks in advance.

  • When you export accounts, customers, and vendors you are only exporting the basic information about each. The transactions (Invoices, payments etc.) are not exported. Putting these into a new set up company would still keep everything clean. You will have to go in and manually enter things like Sales taxes, credit cards used and accepted, all linked accounts, and all customer and vendor invoices that have not been paid as at your date on transition. On the transition date you will enter the Trial Balance so there is a tie in to the current system and the numbers will be right moving forward.

    Before importing to the new data base I would suggest that you open the files in Excel. Do not change the first line or the order of the columns as these are important for the import but you can go in and delete vendors/customers, change addresses, phone numbers, contacts as necessary.

    For Inventory I would export the current file and again open it in Excel and clean it up. This may be easier than re-entering everything from scratch. The linked accounts should also export so these could be edited as well if necessary.

    This is not an over night, couple of hours work. Planning is key and all aspects must be completed in order to move forward with any confidence.

    Good Luck

  • Thank you Alwyn...just got around to trying this...

    So i have successfully exported in txt format and then imported txt data into excel for editing. Question is how do i now import this new revised data into simply...should i leave it in excel format or convert it back to txt first?

  • As long as the first line is still in place and the order of the columns was not changed, then you should be able to import the Excel File..

    Good Luck