SDK GetConnectionInfo function returning Simply.ConnectionManagerService.ConnectionManagerError.Error_MySQL_Init

Hello, I'm trying to working through the SDK but I always have issues connecting to the database in the C# sample program. I can connect just fine in the VB.Net sample so I know my username and password are correct. I used some of the function from the sample to help find my problem. 

The main issue stems from the following function:

SDKInstanceManager.Instance.OpenDatabase(saiFile, username, password, true, "Sage 50 SDK Sample Program", "SASDK", 1)

The opendatabase function always returns false and I have no idea why.

So to try to get a better idea of the problem I added the following:

Simply.ConnectionManagerServiceClient.ConnectionManagerServiceClient dbclient = new Simply.ConnectionManagerServiceClient.ConnectionManagerServiceClient();
Simply.ConnectionManagerService.ConnectionManagerError dbError = new Simply.ConnectionManagerService.ConnectionManagerError();
string szHost = "";
string szPort = "";
dbError = dbclient.GetConnectionInfo(saiFile, ref szHost, ref szPort);

dbError comes back as Simply.ConnectionManagerService.ConnectionManagerError.Error_MySQL_Init

Does anyone know what that error message means? Or possible has a solution to my connection problem?