Sage 50 CA: Announcing Sage 50 2021.1

What's New?

  • Payroll updates for January 1, 2021
  • Employment income during COVID-19 pay periods are now automatically calculated and reported on T4s.

For more information on this release please see the What's New document for 2021.1

Download and install this update

Click the link in the Sage Knowledgebase to install this update: Download Sage 50—Canadian Edition 2021.1 Product Update

Need help closing the year?

Visit for options, including links to the Sage Year-End Center, Sage Knowledgebase, Sage City, and Sage University, as well as Chat and Online Case submission.

  • For new year payroll  is it automatic will update or i have to do setup

  • The updates have usually been automatic and I expect this continues. If the update is installed now you can still run a 2020 payroll using the correct tables. When your pay date is changed to a 2021 date then the new tables will be utilized.

  • Hi , thanks for reaching out. In addition to what advised:

    Before you start processing payroll

    • Review the new federal TD1 form and the TD1 form for your province or territory (or the TP 1015.3-    V form for Québec) to become familiar with any changes.   
    • Provide your employees with the 2021 federal/provincial/territorial TD1 forms if they need to make changes to their personal claims.   
    • Adjust your employee records in Sage 50 Accounting to reflect the new tax credit amounts.
      • Use KB 108352 to acquire the basic personal tax claim amounts for January 2021.

    For more details about the 2021.1 release, please review this PDF document (see here for FR) for all details.