Partial outage for Sage Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive)

We are currently experiencing a partial outage with the Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive). For updates and the status of the outage, please visit our status page: 

Nous vivons actuellement une panne partielle avec l'accès aux données à distance (anciennement Sage Drive). Pour les mises à jour et l'état de la panne, veuillez visiter notre page d'état de la page:

  • I think Sage needs to stop "Improving" what was allready a solid product. I have payroll due tomorrow, and now because of the upgrades and improvements, im not able to do anything because Sage either 1) hangs when opening a company, or 2) it says "sage 50 experienced a connection problem. Sage 50 needs to close this company file" and then offers me a bunch of garbledy-goop and asks to either Ignore, Retry or Abort. What the heck is going on? Is anyone else still having issues with this outage? 

    I would switch to QuickBooks, but id rather use an abacus.

    I'm speaking out of sheer frustration of course. Someone, PLEASE HELP! Is my file corrupted now? Or is it strictly a  server side issue that is not yet fixed?

  • if you can please send me an email to [email protected] and provide me with your account ID and the best number to contact you, we can make sure that we have someone reach out to you tomorrow to make sure that your payroll is run. Please be assured that we are still working on resolving this issue.

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  • Kathleen, its frustrating. I can understand the sheer complexity of the software, and I can only imagine the feeling at Sage when it goes down. But unfortunately, for someone of us, its our lively hood. We have clients who rely on us to do the bookkeeping, and when something like this happens (as it did back in July) it puts a lot of us out of work, and behind on our own bills. So, forgive me for lashing out, sometimes people just need a venue to vent. I trust things will be working for tomorrow morning. In the case it doesn't, ill my best to explain to my customer that the service is down, and has been down, and hope to god I don't feel their wrath.

    I will send you an email, just incase we have to do it that way.

    Thank you Kathleen,


  • Hi, it says all the server are up and running but I'm still having problem with this error "This shared company is already open".

  • I have the same error message "This shared company is already open".  Is there a simple solution for this or do I have to call Support??

  • We are still getting the error "This shared company is already open"!!!! So frustrating and can't get any work done! These type of system errors have been happening for months! How is someone supposed to operate a business! By any chance is there a fix? 

  • I just had can't open file due to a database error which I was getting yesterday.  I then tried: connect to shared company and it downloaded the file.  I then go the shared company open message but tried opening again and it worked.   Strange thing is I was able to open another company's file without issue.