Partial outage for Sage Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive)

We are currently experiencing a partial outage with the Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive). For updates and the status of the outage, please visit our status page: 

Nous vivons actuellement une panne partielle avec l'accès aux données à distance (anciennement Sage Drive). Pour les mises à jour et l'état de la panne, veuillez visiter notre page d'état de la page:

  • We have been down for 2 hours.  It would have been nice if the status page was updated at that time.

  • It would also be helpful to put a "known outage" message on your support line.

  • Unable to login into sage. No is around to answer phone calls for your technical support?? How am I supposed to work. where to I get help or when will you fix your problems

  • Though it says that the system was restored I now get "This Shared company is already open"

  • I think Sage needs to stop "Improving" what was allready a solid product. I have payroll due tomorrow, and now because of the upgrades and improvements, im not able to do anything because Sage either 1) hangs when opening a company, or 2) it says "sage 50 experienced a connection problem. Sage 50 needs to close this company file" and then offers me a bunch of garbledy-goop and asks to either Ignore, Retry or Abort. What the heck is going on? Is anyone else still having issues with this outage? 

    I would switch to QuickBooks, but id rather use an abacus.

    I'm speaking out of sheer frustration of course. Someone, PLEASE HELP! Is my file corrupted now? Or is it strictly a  server side issue that is not yet fixed?