Downloads for Sage 50— Canadian Edition

The Sage 50 2020.1 downloads have been replaced.  See KB 100797 for the full product download and KB 102293 for the product update. Please remember that the hotfix for customers who have already downloaded and installed a 2020.1 update prior to today is available in KB article 102602.

  • Question - I installed the "full" 2020.1 version on a new laptop last Friday.  Will that have the same problems as the original 2020.1 "update"?  I do see that the full version download page has a "last updated" date of 1-6-2020, so it seems to have been replaced as well.

    Would I be advised to uninstall the original 2020.1 and download/install the version posted 1-6-2020?

    To others out there, I would be interested who has successfully deployed the newest 2020.1 (i.e. did you have problems updating the databases?).

  • I've downloaded the hotfix but still cannot open my company file in the new year. Has anyone else had this experience? Advice?

  • Did you install the "hotfix" to the original 2020.1 from last week?  Or are you talking about the "new" 2020.1 that was released this morning (what this thread is about)?

  • KB102602....I think that's the new one. Don't see anything more recent....

  • I have not installed any of the updates yet,  I saw Alert and decided not to update yet.  So my question now is I am not sure if I download the Full Product Download or the product update.  I currently have 2019 Sage 50 Accountants Edition (Release 2020.0)

    Thank You