• Finding payments applied to invoice

    Rather than opening gazillions of receipts, how do I find which payments were applied to a certain invoice?

  • Column Width change


    How does one change column width? In previous posts (6 years old and older!), it was suggested to hover and then change the column.

    The closest i get to that is to click on a box that contains all of the columns, However, that changes the box size…

  • Add date field to sales invoice

    My company provides transport services billed by the hour and invoiced by the week (some customers will be using our services 4-7 days each week).

    We currently use an Excel spreadsheet to track/report the daily hours and calculate the total weekly hours…

  • Catching Results form Sage_SA_Import

    When i run Sage_Sa_import from command line, i am able to get everything automated without asking any questions.

    but it returns the results in a window, how can i redirect the answer to console so i can capture it and make sure the import process was…

  • RE: What's the difference between Quote, Order and Invoice?

    A Purchase Quote transaction happens usually over the phone or email. It is made for recording a cost estimate on a specific day and time as perhaps the items you are wanting to purchase can go up and down in price. This information is already received…

  • Year end is March 31, I already paid GST for Jan-March and just received an Invoice for March 31 do I post as April 1st??

    We did not lock the year yet as we didnt send the stuff to the Accountants yet.  I already did my GST report and I just got an Invoice dated March 31.  Would it be better to enter it as April 1st so it doesnt throw off the books for the accountants?