• Statement

    How to move the '2% interest on balances overdue more than 31 days' on a Statement down a few lines

  • Net Amount Owing on Invoices

    How do I get the final amount owing on the invoice to automatically deduct previous amounts deposited?  I need the amount owing to be deducted from the Invoices Total Amount

    which would then show the real amount owing.

  • Customer Invoice Column Margins


    I am just wondering if there is a way to change the margins on the customer invoice form.  I have modified the invoice down to the 2 columns that I wish to print out on a customers invoice but when I am in the customize form software I cannot locate…

  • Combine customer statements for two companies

    I have two different company files.  Both companies share some of the same customers.  Is there a way to combine the monthly customer statement to show invoices owing from both companies?  customer would receive one statement but would list both company…

  • Is there a way to include the Deposit Applied amount on a Sales Order form (SFM)?

    I wish to customize the Sales Order form (SFM) to include the amount of the Deposit Applied when printing a sales order. If I am not mistaken the insert data field does not include that field.

    Ideally I would also like to to show the sales order amount…

  • Change Chart of Accounts

    Hi -

    New VP of Finance is looking to reorganize the chart of accounts to provide a more uniformed look for reporting. However, most of these accounts have been in existence within Sage for 5 + years.

    They would also like to create subcategories within Long…

  • Question - Change of date each day on the invoice form.

    Hello Everyone, 

    I would appreciate it if someone could please help me troubleshoot this issue, where the date on the invoice form shall change each day without having to manually change it every day. 

    This issue is causing serious problems with my customers…

  • Creating sub accounts on financial statement

    Currently I am running different locations on the same Sage account. I would like to generate on my income statement the following categories but when i make the account it gives me an error message

    5200 purchases

    5201 Store A purchases
    5202 Store B…

  • Is it possible to print collection letters with Sage 50 Canadian Edition?

    Is it possible to print collection letters with Sage 50 Canadian Edition? A few resources online list this as an option in all Sage versions, however I don't see any of the modules these resources are referring to (such as from the Collection Manager…

  • Do not show backorders on invoices

    Cannot find any answers online for this..

    Is there a way to convert sales orders to an invoice without showing the backordered items on the printed invoice?

    Any help is appreciated.


  • Sales Invoice partial delivery

    i`m using SAGE 50 Premium CA 2020 ,  

    when i print invoice for partial delivery , all the items showing on the invoice will print.  it might be possible to create a custom form which could hide back order items on the printed form.  

  • Convert Sales quote to Sales order 2020

    Hello everyone,

    When using the "Convert Sales Quote to Sales Order" function, the "Order No." field in the " Sales Order"  automatically gets populated with the quote number.

    Therefore when we want to change the order number…

  • Column Width change


    How does one change column width? In previous posts (6 years old and older!), it was suggested to hover and then change the column.

    The closest i get to that is to click on a box that contains all of the columns, However, that changes the box size…

  • Work Orders for customers

    Hi.  I'm trying to set up my dry cleaners sage 50 to help us become more automated.  Currently we have Small little tickets that our POS software prints off for each order that we clean.  A lot of our customers are charge account customers and I deliver…

  • Adding 'COD' on an Invoice

    Hello, I understand that SAGE can have a 'PAID' stamp on an invoice.

    What about a 'COD' stamp? Is that possible? Or does that have to be written in a customized invoice?

  • Customization

    Good day Sage Team,

    I am recommending that in the next update that the following be considered:

    1. Sales Orders can be converted to Purchase Orders as Special Orders and directly linked to the customer so we can track Special Orders separately from regular…

  • cheques: mixed dates and no comments

    I ordered cheques with preprinted numbers which meant I had to use the user-defined payment cheque. After fiddling around for days I finally got it to work, sort of, but there are two problems:

    First: my system is set to print the date month/day/year…

  • Customer PO and Purchase Orders

    I am trying to build forms that will allow the end user to get off Excel and use the program they purchased.  However, even though they have Quantum, I am unable to build a form that gives them the information they need to display.

    When we used Crystal…

  • SA customized reports

    I have customized my invoice using SA reports and forms; my tax information shows on my invoice for both GST and PST in the description column; I also have the total tax amount column. Is there a way to either change this or add the separate tax amounts…

  • Add date field to sales invoice

    My company provides transport services billed by the hour and invoiced by the week (some customers will be using our services 4-7 days each week).

    We currently use an Excel spreadsheet to track/report the daily hours and calculate the total weekly hours…

  • CSV Templates

    I would like to minimize my double entry (Excel and Sage).  Is there a CSV template available for importing sales and purchases (pay later, multiple vendors/customers/projects) into Sage 50 from and Excel spreadsheet?  Thank you.

  • ACH Payments

    I have a US company with a US bank using Sage 50 Quantum and would like to process ACH payments to vendors by creating NACHA files. Has anyone been able to successfully do this using Sage?

  • Print Multiple Receipts


    I am an apartment manager for over 100 suites.  Since being in this position, rent receipts have issued manually (many ledger pages per month then entered into Excel then into Sage).  For the New Year, I am setting up each tenant as a Customer and…

  • fields on customized invoice

    I created a customized sales invoice with a company logo and was able to get everything looking fine except for a few fields that I don't know how to get rid of on the printed invoice.   This is my first go at creating  a customized form so perhaps…

  • New 2018 cheque forms are showing damaged

    I'm trying to print a cheque and Simply is telling me the cheque form is damaged.  I have tried every form it offers and tried to customize it however it continues to show damaged.

    Customer Service is closed today and must prepare a cheque run for…