• I have the Sage 50 accountants copy and I want to export entries to my client.

    When I select Accountants copy then export entries for Client nothing happens.

    How do I get it to export entries for a client. I have followed the instructions but it stops at Export entries for a client

  • EFT Direct Upload Files

    I have uploaded an EFT Direct file for payroll.

    Sage has saved two separate DAT files for one upload.

    One file name has been saved as the name I assigned to it when uploading and the other has been saved as the creation number.

    Which one do I upload to…

  • Importing invoices data from Chargebee in Sage 50 CA

    We are using Chargebee to generate our invoices for all recurring customers and we want to import the invoices’ data from Chargebee into Sage 50CA.

    Any suggestion on how to execute this basic accounting process?

    Thanks in advance

  • Is it possible to import EXCEL purchase invoices into Sage 50 Canadian Version 2021?

    If anyone can help me with this I will bow down to you!!!


    We pay for bizz transactions using a credit card (cc) which is NOT linked to the business bank account. Every month I receive the CC statement and manually transfer each transaction pertaining…

  • EFT payments after you make form and upload it .

    Good Morning Everybody

    I need to know what we need to do after generated the EFT form for our vendor payable invoices ,,,, 

    We have the SAGE 50 Premium Canadian Cloud two user account .

    We have business banking service in Scotiabank and we have the Scotia…

  • Changing Inventory Prices

    We own a manufactoring company which means we import a lot of raw materials. our prices are always changing. is there away to view the last date a price was updated to see if it is the current price? Currently I am tracking down the paper invoice for…

  • importing

    I am changing an existing partnership to corporation. I have imported the customer files to the new corporation. Is it possible to import the historical transactions and balances or do I have to enter them manually.

  • import data using Sage_SA_import.exe file not working

    While using Sage_Import.exe file I am getting an error message "Incomplete version information, cannot move further". I am using .IMP file which is generated or exported by Sage 50 Application, then also I am getting the same error. Is there any…

  • Transaction is not balanced

    Hi All, 

    Sometimes, when importing the .IMP files for purchase invoices we receive the "The transaction is not balanced" message.

    It is difficult to understand the reason. As for us the Quantity*Price = Amount is well calculated(200*10.5=2100…

  • Catching Results form Sage_SA_Import

    When i run Sage_Sa_import from command line, i am able to get everything automated without asking any questions.

    but it returns the results in a window, how can i redirect the answer to console so i can capture it and make sure the import process was…

  • Importing Invoices with comments

    I am working on automating invoice generation with Sage, 

    when i create a invoice with .imp file how can i add a comment on the invoice?

    for example if i sell a perticular item, we often add on a seperate line in the description field a comment like …


    Is there a way to keep track of materials used and labour for a project on excel and export it into sage as a sales invoice? I have been weeks trying to figure out the easiest way to keep track. I could use time slips to keep track of labour but it doesn…

  • I'm having trouble importing purchase invoices into sage 50

    I'm not too sure how to format the .imp file.  I'm trying to convert CSV file to .imp file.  Anyone able to assist me in formatting the .imp file? Thank you so much for your help.

  • Adding item description to an .IMP file

    I'm trying to programatically construct  IMP files using an external program, however I can't figure how to include the item description.

    Is is possible to do so, or what would be the alternative to acheiving that? I'm getting the IMP specs from…

  • import sales transaction into sage 50 Canada


    I am trying to find a solution for my AR for imputing sales transactions manually. We have an Excel order form that has pricing, stock numbers, etc on it that our customers fill out. I am hoping to find a solution for my AR to be able to import…

  • Import Transaction


    I work for a company that writes a Point of Sale software, and I'd like to be able to import transactions generated from the point of sale into Sage 50. What I'm finding is that Accounts Receivable and Payable transactions will not import, as it…

  • what is the correct version # for 2017.2

    i tried to import


  • Importing Sales Invoices -- Must I confirm EVERY single mapping of an item?

    This is getting frustrating. I was delighted to see that Sage 50 can import invoices from a text file. (sjaskdf.imp) , and so I spent a few days exporting invoices from someones' mess in QuickBooks OL, fixing it up and formatting it for import into Sage…

  • Upload/Import customer payments to Sage 50

    Can you upload a batch of customer payments using excel or text file? I want to be able to tag a specific payment type, bank account and invoice that the payment should be applied to. Trying to find a way to bypass having to manually post and apply over…

  • Payables payments

    my payments window is in the shadows and won't open fully to allow me to use it. I used it just an hour ago and now nothing. I tried closing, rebooting and still nothing. I click to open it and it opens in the bar at the bottom of the computer but will…

  • Import Purchase Invoices (AP) from a text file.

    I want to import Purchase Invoices (AP) from a text file. The Knowledgebase says this:

    From https://support.na.sage.com/selfservice/viewdocument.do?noCount=true&externalId=10186&sliceId=1&cmd=displayKC&dialogID=105647&docType=kc&isLoadPublishedVer=&stateId…

  • Purchase invoice - Payment Method - import file

    I read through the "dev-import" pdf file, regarding creating an import file. I noticed that, for purchase invoices/quotes,  it does not mention how to add a line for a "Payment Method" and Paid by Source.

    Do I have to manually add "Payment…

  • New to Sage 50 - Need help bringing over all old accounts from Simply Accounting


    I started a job on July 20th and was told that everything would be switched over to Sage 50 during my interview (she was using Simply Accounting 2012 and also entering everything on excel) and I got here on my 1st day and she was still using Simply…

  • Importing Invoices (.imp) does not contain compatible tax information

    I'm trying to import an invoice but I kept having this error "does not contain compatible tax information".

    I'have tried for many hours to setup the file, my tax and my items. 

    Can someone tell me what is wrong with my tax information…

  • How to retrieve the last Sales Journal and last Purchase Journal entry for a specific APARLedger using the SDK.

    Hi, this question pertains to Sage50 2014.3 SDK.

    I have been inputting Sales and Purchases Journal entries using the SDK 2014.3.

    Now I need to retrieve the latest [JournalDate]  (from purchases and sales) for ([TransactionType] = 0) and ([APARLedger] …