• Report - Average days to pay

    Is there a report I can check average payment time for our clients? or do I have to go through every single transaction and count? 


  • Statement

    How to move the '2% interest on balances overdue more than 31 days' on a Statement down a few lines

  • Customer deposit before earliest transaction in Sage 50

    I have started a new Sage 50 company file, taking over bookkeeping for an existing corporation.  The fiscal year ended June 30, 2021, so I set up Sage 50 with a fiscal year of July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 (this means the earliest transaction date had…

  • Net Amount Owing on Invoices

    How do I get the final amount owing on the invoice to automatically deduct previous amounts deposited?  I need the amount owing to be deducted from the Invoices Total Amount

    which would then show the real amount owing.

  • Name of table with payments from customers.

    Hi everyone  

    Can anyone tell me the name of the table containing payments from clients in Sage 50 Canadian Edition? We are doing an integration with our CRM and are missing this information  

    Thank you  

  • Importing invoices data from Chargebee in Sage 50 CA

    We are using Chargebee to generate our invoices for all recurring customers and we want to import the invoices’ data from Chargebee into Sage 50CA.

    Any suggestion on how to execute this basic accounting process?

    Thanks in advance

  • adjusting entry

    Hello, I recently converted to Sage 50 Premium from Accountant Edition and I was previously able to make adjusting entries to GL 1200-1300-2100 now it is not allowing me to do this 

    ( when I converted I was assured that the premium version had all the…

  • AR - Provide Service for Building that changes Property Management Company

    We provide a service to buildings - they change Property Management Company - my thought was to create Sage Property Management Company type file.  Under Contact info, enter building name - with current Property Management Company name - and details applicable…

  • Receipts transaction question

    We have recently established a customer account in USD.

    When we post a receipt we see the following example in the Receipts Transaction Report:

    1065          Bank                                            2587.32

    4740          Misc. Revenue                               69.67

    5800          Bank Charges                                10.28

    1200         Accounts Receivable                                     

  • processing stripe credit card transaction fees

    I have a few customers paying by credit card.  I use strip which charges a percentage plus a small transaction fee. If I go into simply to set up the credit cards accepted location it only lists a percentage discount.  The problem is I not only have that…

  • Charging Interest on AR invoices

    How does everyone deal with charging interest to overdue sales invoices in accounts receivable? I understand the process in sage, but am having a hard time with the amount of  manual work required to simply charge interest. It seems as though there is a…

  • record warranty work

    I would like to record the costs incurred when we redo work on a vehicle on warranty. Create a record of the work that was done and the cost. Anyone have an idea how to accomplish this?



  • Year End carry over

    Client was invoiced May 16, 2019 and paid invoice in full via Interact May 31, 2019 (Year End) . It was not posted by bank until June 4, 2019 (New fiscal year). What do i do for an entry so i can reconcile May and June properly? 

    Thank you 

  • Data Integrity Check - difference between A/R balance and Unpaid Invoices

    I have just noted a difference of 0.01 between my A/R balance and Unpaid invoices when I ran a Data Integrity Check.  When I investigated, I found that the difference arose on the translation of a foreign currency receipt to the home currency.  The translation…

  • Do not show backorders on invoices

    Cannot find any answers online for this..

    Is there a way to convert sales orders to an invoice without showing the backordered items on the printed invoice?

    Any help is appreciated.


  • Sales Invoice partial delivery

    i`m using SAGE 50 Premium CA 2020 ,  

    when i print invoice for partial delivery , all the items showing on the invoice will print.  it might be possible to create a custom form which could hide back order items on the printed form.  

  • Convert Sales quote to Sales order 2020

    Hello everyone,

    When using the "Convert Sales Quote to Sales Order" function, the "Order No." field in the " Sales Order"  automatically gets populated with the quote number.

    Therefore when we want to change the order number…

  • Historical Closed - Need to enter AR

    I'm new to Sage and Bookkeeping.  I have a client that is so disorganized I could cry.  I just got this information regarding outstanding balance from my client.

    Because I am not able to get a clear understanding of which clients have outstanding balances…

  • manually adjust tax


    I have the correct tax codes set up for each vendor.  However, sometimes there are invoice items that no tax is charged on.  Therefore, the tax on the subtotal is not always correct.

    How do I manually enter the vendor invoice tax when entering an…

  • Work Orders for customers

    Hi.  I'm trying to set up my dry cleaners sage 50 to help us become more automated.  Currently we have Small little tickets that our POS software prints off for each order that we clean.  A lot of our customers are charge account customers and I deliver…

  • Adding 'COD' on an Invoice

    Hello, I understand that SAGE can have a 'PAID' stamp on an invoice.

    What about a 'COD' stamp? Is that possible? Or does that have to be written in a customized invoice?




  • Copy invoices without recurring


    Is there oppotunity inSage to copy invoices / purchases / journal entries from the previous ones without setting recurring option?

    I make a lot of similar invoices/purchases where I want to change only customer/supplier or only amount, how can…

  • User Customize Invoice Rights in Sage 50 Quantum.

    I made a custom invoice (printout) I want all users to access, but can only access it through ‘Admin’ logon.

    I cannot even change the invoice display onscreen for other users. Customize is greyed out.

    I set up seven users for Quantum Sage…

  • Adding Units to Invoices (Packages)

    Hello, is it possible to add extra unit definitions to an invoice?

    Specifically, meat is sold by the kg.

    However, it is delivered by the case or the piece. The receiver sees two cases and a piece of meat (in a bag) and signs for those three items.