• Supplier paid with personal credit card by mistake

    I accidentally paid a supplier invoice with a personal credit card.  I know how to credit myself for the mistake, but how do I get the amount owing to the supplier out of the payables ledger?

  • VOID chq cashed

    I wrote a post dated chq to our Clubhouse Mgr for a wrong amount. Once I realized what I did I reversed the payment and reversed the original invoice. The Mgr said there's an issue on his end as he already took a picture of the chq to deposit it for the…

  • Manually Reverse Foreign Exchange Payment

    So in March we paid a foreign exchange invoice (euros) but in April payment was returned to us for a different amount, Vendor is set up in Euros

    Original transaction was 2 invoices paid totaling 49.20 Euro, with an exchange rate of 1.5107582, so totaling…

  • Sage Online/Cloud - 3rd Party Accounts Payable Solutions

    Good day Sage Family,  

    I am new to Sage online/cloud and I am wondering if anyone in the Sage world would know of any good 3rd Party Accounts Payable solutions? I used Telpay with Sage 50 Desktop which was extremely simple. I would pay suppliers to a…

  • Accounting For Employee Purchase on Account

    Hi we had an employee use a company account to purchase an item, we paid it already, he now has paid us the cash for the purchase. What do I post and where...

    do I do a GL entry where I credit the expense account and debit the bank where I am depositing…

  • How to correct chq written for wrong amount after year end?

    Can anyone walk me through the proper journal entries for this?

    Just prior to year end I wrote a cheque to a vendor in the wrong amount but posted the correct amount on the invoice.

    Yes, I still handwrite cheques, lol.

    As it is a small amount, the account…

  • Supplier aging issue - invalid date


    I am running Simply Accounting Sage Premium 2008. I am trying to get a supplier aged list but I keep receiving an 'Invalid Date' error even though my date is complies with the parameters in the error message. Help!!!

  • can't pay vendor with credit

    Hi everyone, I am trying to pay a vendor with 3 credits. I entered the credits as purchases bills with negative amounts. But Sage doesn't let me to apply the credits and shows this info in the image. I paid exact the same thing for other vendors without…

  • adjusting entry

    Hello, I recently converted to Sage 50 Premium from Accountant Edition and I was previously able to make adjusting entries to GL 1200-1300-2100 now it is not allowing me to do this 

    ( when I converted I was assured that the premium version had all the…

  • Historical entries

    OK I have Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2020 I'm just about to start entering all the details etc but I'm confused as to what to put as the fiscal start and end date, the problem is I purchased inventory for this company back in July 2019 so in a sense I have…

  • EFT payments after you make form and upload it .

    Good Morning Everybody

    I need to know what we need to do after generated the EFT form for our vendor payable invoices ,,,, 

    We have the SAGE 50 Premium Canadian Cloud two user account .

    We have business banking service in Scotiabank and we have the Scotia…

  • closing the accounts payable

    Good day

    I try to close the account payable for the user not be able to enter invoice with the date  prior to the new months however I am unable to do it because if I closed i can't enter the invoices and if I leave it open I change my prior report,…

  • Report that shows OPEN AP invoices with holdback and jobs

    Is there a report that I can extrapolate the following information, all open AP invoices showing holdback and the jobs/projects they are allocated to?  and if not what two or three reports would you Monster together to get that information on one spreadsheet…

  • Correcting J/E for Cheque reissued in Accounts Payable

    Hi...I am having trouble reconciling my bank. 

    I issued an extra payment to an invoice that did not exist with vendor. They pointed it out, i removed the invoice instead of reversing the payment. The cheque does not exist so therefore

    1) Reissued cheque…

  • Tax Codes

    What settings are needed on a sales tax code so that when you are entering an amount on a payables invoice that the GST it automatically taken out.  For example, when entering a credit card bill, each line item has GST included in the total. I would like…

  • The Accounts Payable in my Balance Sheet is showing zero

    Why is it showing zero and where do I have to look to check the problem. Thank you in advance.

  • Cheque payment for company credit card


    How do I remove a posted cheque payment for the companies credit card?

    Thank you

  • Session Date

    Should my session date reflect the same date as the invoice is dated? Sorry this brain is overwhelmed 

  • Accounts payable foreign currency

    I am starting a new company. I am trying to enter the Accounts Payable balance from my previous. I use CDN as my home currency and USD as my foreign. I'm unable to enter both balances under Accounts Payable. I have set up the Foreign Currency account…

  • Vendor Overpayment

    We overpaid a monthly utility bill for a year. The company has credited our account instead of remitting a refund cheque. How do I post the credit? I need it set up so that, moving forward, when I get the monthly invoice, I can deduct the amount from…

  • Accounts Payable Credit Card Balances


    I am hoping that I can ask for a step by step explanation to possibly zero out and restart my balance for the credit card account I have in Sage50.

    The last employee added no invoices for the year of 2019 and only paid the credit card via Pay…

  • Direct Deposit and EFT Options

    Is there a way to have both Direct Deposit and EFT as a form of payment?

    Some of our clients do not want to provide banking details and would prefer if I send an e-transfer with a password.

    If I use the pay by ck option and change the CK# to the etransfer…

  • I am new and don't have training but need help

    I have the program, I have the backup from our accountant she has shown me a few things and all I want this for is to enter the bookkeeping  and give to them at end of year to save money, wow am I in over my head.... I started entering payables but my…

  • What expense account do I allocate webpage related expenses such as GoDaddy?

    Sorry folks a simple question.  I currently hae bill from GoDaddy for my SSL certificates.  I don't know where to allocate the expense.  Help please.

  • Accounts Payable (account 2100)

    I have had to manually input my Trial Balance from one computer to another, in which all totals match correctly. However how to I post to Accounts Payable (2100), as this was a total that was entered upon setting up the program on the new computer. This…