• Importing invoices data from Chargebee in Sage 50 CA

    We are using Chargebee to generate our invoices for all recurring customers and we want to import the invoices’ data from Chargebee into Sage 50CA.

    Any suggestion on how to execute this basic accounting process?

    Thanks in advance

  • Year End carry over

    Client was invoiced May 16, 2019 and paid invoice in full via Interact May 31, 2019 (Year End) . It was not posted by bank until June 4, 2019 (New fiscal year). What do i do for an entry so i can reconcile May and June properly? 

    Thank you 

  • Data Integrity Check - difference between A/R balance and Unpaid Invoices

    I have just noted a difference of 0.01 between my A/R balance and Unpaid invoices when I ran a Data Integrity Check.  When I investigated, I found that the difference arose on the translation of a foreign currency receipt to the home currency.  The translation…

  • Journal entry flow when invoicing, and receiving funds through our stripe account.


    I have just linked our Stripe account with our Sage software.  Before I begin using this feature I would like to make sure I have it set up correctly and that I know what the flow of Journal entries will be.  

    When I create an invoice through the receivables…

  • Receiving online payment with fees - pros & cons

    I'm new to the online payment receipt in the AR, i'm looking for the pros and cons to using this in the receivable module.

  • A/R advance deposit

    Hi, I use Sage 50, 

     When I received a deposit from a customer, and we have not done up an invoice for them yet. I will enter the amount in the receipt module under the Deposit amount. Now it sits as a credit to that customer. Now the boss will give me…

  • A/R 1200 Control Account

    Hello I have a novice question.... but it is really holding up my production. When I issue an invoice in "Revenues" and then a "Receipt" when payment is made, is that payment automatically linked to the1200 A/R Control Account in the COA? I am carrying…

  • How to show the customer deposit on their final invoice?

    I have searched here & the posts are all 5 years or older, so I thought I would try again, hoping there is new information. On the invoice screen in Sage, if the customer has paid a deposit on the work, it shows on the screen. But, when we email the final…

  • Is there a way in Sage 50 (or any other Sage product) to create an invoice with one amount but to have that amount split to different revenue accounts?

    I would like to be able to produce a single line invoice (e.g. CRM Software - $1000) but to have the amount on the invoice post to different revenue accounts (e.g. Software - $750 + Services - $250). Is this possible in Sage 50 natively or through an…


    Is there a way to keep track of materials used and labour for a project on excel and export it into sage as a sales invoice? I have been weeks trying to figure out the easiest way to keep track. I could use time slips to keep track of labour but it doesn…

  • recording an a/r with deferred gross margin, delayed revenue recongnition


    i want to record a sale of inventory, with revenue recognition delayed until cash receipt.

    A/R  debit

    inventory credit

    deferred gross margin credit


    cash debit

    A/R credit


    cogs debit

    deferred gross margin debit

    sales revenue credit

    and link…

  • combine two Accounts Receivables

    I am trying to combine tow A/R into one.

    here is the scenario: A/R account has an account left over from last year. So when I tried to add to it it didn't allow me, the account didn't show up as it is a control account. Than I changed it to A/R general…

  • Accepting Credit Cards Directly Within Sage 50 Professional - Can We Use Our E-Select Merchant Account?

    We have a Moneris E-Select account already established, and wonder can we use this account to accept credit card payments direct to customer accounts in Sage 50 Professional, or do we have to sign up and pay for a specialized processing Sage Credit Card…

  • linking two accounts Receivable to balance data integrity checks

    Hey there,

    When setting up from our last accounting software we had two accounts receivable, one in cad $ and one in us $, as well as three accounts payable, the extra being for GBP. When linking my accounts receivable to my customers for the linked account…

  • Sage Automatically Created Credit Memo - How Do I apply it to a customer invoice


    To explain the situation. Someone created an invoice in error to receive a deposit from a customer (should have just received the deposit and not created the first invoice). I found that they had created this Invoice in error so I reversed the invoice…

  • Identifying & setting up searchable fields in customer invoices

    I hope to add a couple of fields or modify current fields in the Receivable invoice module so I can search on these fields.  My client wants to add additional fields for 2 separate identifier numbers that they can search on, in addition to the standard…

  • Transfer A/P amount to A/C to clear?


    Instead of making a purchase voucher, I made a general journal entry and cleared the accounts payable account via cash. However, instead of this amount linking to the accounts receivable, I know have amounts in both A/P and A/R. How can I transfer…

  • Data inconsistency in A/R Listing

    I have 3 issues; not sure if they're related. It is a foreign currency set-up, and I'm aware of the Knowledgebase article saying that one should call Sage support for database repair -- but I'm not sure I'm at that point -- would prefer to explore ideas…

  • Foreign Currency Transactions

    Our company is CDN but also does business in the US. So, we have set up a US bank account. We invoice our US customers in US funds and they pay accordingly. We also purchase US products (COGS, etc.) and pay for these using our US account.

    My problem is…

  • Assembled Items Recall/Edit

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to Sage50 Canadian edition, any help is appreciated.

    I am using Pre Sag50 2016. Several products have been built using Build from Item feature, and were recorded as Lot# of the product. I used - Inventory & Service module - Build…

  • Simply Accounting by Sage First Step (2010) How to void and invoice from a previous year


    I need some help.

    I have an invoice from 2015-10 of 75$ which I want to void (make disappear). This invoice is still in my account receivables.

    Ive looked online and could only manually void the invoice by recreating it but with negative numbers.…

  • Exporting Monthly Statements

    Hello Sage 50:

    Is there a way to export (or print to a csv file) monthly statements that can be opened in Excel?
    I have looked around the program but to no avail. Any suggestions on how to achieve this.



  • Sage will not email out sales invoices

    Sage will not email out sales invoices, it looks like it does, but no copy in my outlook send folder.  It was working last week.

  • Aged Receivables report settings

    My aged receivables report shows the invoice date and due date as being the same such that the "Current" column is empty and everything is overdue. How do I adjust my settings so that only invoices unpaid after 30 days show up as overdue?

  • how to customize the invoicing screen both in A/R and A/P?

    I have Sage Pro and I need to customize the Invoicing screen both in my Sales and Purchases as there are too many boxes that I do not use.  Where do I go to customize it?  I don't like to have to tab and tab in order to get to the box I want.  I work…