Is it possible to import EXCEL purchase invoices into Sage 50 Canadian Version 2021?

If anyone can help me with this I will bow down to you!!!


We pay for bizz transactions using a credit card (cc) which is NOT linked to the business bank account. Every month I receive the CC statement and manually transfer each transaction pertaining to the business into an excel file.

I then transfer this data, again, manually, into Sage using the purchase invoice function - creating an A/P. I then cut a cheque for the CC and pay directly at the bank....easy. 

Looking for:

I want to cut out the extra step of manual data entry and import the transactions directly to Sage from Excel? IS THIS POSSIBLE???!!

I have searched for hours online today and some say you can - but it's extremely complicated - others say to pay for it using a 3rd party. Sage has even pushed the latter when I called them and spoke with them over chat today. They're wanting me to use "AutoEntry". I don't want to pay for a service that should be inherently part of the accounting software!

It even appears to actually provide the option within the program to "import transactions" > "Import purchase invoices, purchase quotes, sales invoices, sales order or time slips" under the File dropdown menu. Yet anytime I attempt to upload an excel file or even a CSV file (whatever that is) Sage actually shuts down. Like literally boots me out entirely. What is happening!

Can someone, anyone please provide a yes or no answer to this? Can it be done via an excel import?