import data using Sage_SA_import.exe file not working

While using Sage_Import.exe file I am getting an error message "Incomplete version information, cannot move further". I am using .IMP file which is generated or exported by Sage 50 Application, then also I am getting the same error. Is there any alternate way to do the same?

I am using sage_sa_import.exe to import file and passing company file ie. .SAI file and location of .IMP file or text file generated from sage. File format images are uploaded above. I am getting invalid version info and cannot move further message.

Anyone help me to figure it out.

Thanks in advance

  Sage_import.exe file

  • I just use the File menu to import ledger records.  The *.imp format is not created using the File, Import/Export menu in Sage 50.

  • The file importing is working perfectly when I am using File then import option, but in case of sage_sa_import.exe it is giving an error "Incomplete version information,cannot move further"

    Iam using the file which is generated by Sage is it a right way or I need to create a seperate file like







    like this??

  • Maybe you should start with what you are trying to accomplish.  The answer to your question is Yes or No and based on your intent.

    Can you give us an idea of why you are importing, where the data is coming from and the original format of the data?

    What I read originally was that you were taking ledger data from an existing Sage 50 company file and importing into a different Sage 50 data file.  If so, using the method of import the same as your export will work and you don't need the import.exe.

    The import.exe will import ledger information but it has to be formatted differently in a similar manner to your last message but the <customer></customer> area has different formatting requirements.  Those are listed in the Help I believe or at least in the Knowledgebase.

  • Thanks Richard,

    I am using import.exe and passing data like this





     but this one giving an error "import error: Line number 2 doesn't contain a valid version number"

    If I am using imported file from sage 50 then also getting "incomplete version number" error.

    Can you provide a valid format for importing using import.exe file?

  • The format of your previous message is more accurate but you have changed it for this last message for some reason.  It looks like you are not using the Knowledgebase article 41370 on this subject.

    I don't use the imp format for importing customers only, I use it for other transactions, but if you are then the format would be something like (different lines)

    "12001", "1"

    "name", "0", "Contact", "street", "street2", "city", "prov", "postal", "country", "phone", "phone2", "fax", "[email protected]"
    "name2", "0", "Contact", "street", "street2", "city", "prov", "postal", "country", "phone", "phone2", "fax", "[email protected]"

    I have not imported into 2019.3 so I don't know if it would recognise the 26202 version, however, I believe only one program version from years ago didn't recognise 12001.

    Without the answers to my previous questions, I can't help any further.