Sage 50 vs Sage 50 with payroll

HI I just started a home based business for bookkeeping my first client has the newest version of Sage 2017 with payroll - I have a student version Sage 2015 and I cannot open a back up of her files because it says the files are a newer version - If I buy a new version of Sage Pro 2017(without payroll) will I be able to open her company minus the payroll info or do I have to buy the version with payroll to open the backup file?

  • You must be using the exact same version as your client in order to open their file and maintain the ability to move the file between you and your client so both can do data entry. 2015 cannot open a file from the future, but 2017 could open the 2015 file. Once opened and converted to 2017, it cannot be opened again in 2015.

    If you are planning on doing bookkeeping for multiple clients and build your business, your best bet is to contact Sage and talk to them about the Sage Accountant's Network program. For people running bookkeeping businesses, they have a special program that helps you be compatible with all possible clients with or without payroll while only having to maintain one version of the program per year on your computer.