When Should I Upgrade My Sage 50 CDN Edition Software?

Many users can go years without having to update software. Nowadays however, most people rely on the internet and with the demand of online based subscription services and services to facilitate tasks such as backups, remote collaboration, payroll and or direct deposit; clients may find themselves upgrading software annually.


How do I upgrade Sage 50 CA to the latest version?

To convert an old version of Sage 50 CA, say a 2011version, you'll need to have the 2015.3 version installed on your computer. You can download that here.  No need for activation codes, installing the trial version of this version is enough. Afterwards, your newer Sage 50 CA version should be able to convert your database. If you're still having trouble, then see if the data opens in the 2015.3 version before trying to convert it again to the 2019 format. Worst case scenario, call into support at 1-888-522-2722, our agents can help determine if a data repair is required to convert the file. Note that this is a rare need.


TIP: If you're considering implementing a cloud solution, work with a consultant partner to find the right software fit for you and your business. Also, make sure to have a strong internet connection. Using cloud based accounting software is not like streaming Netflix, where the loss of a packet or some pixilation in the video feed can be fixed with rewinding or refresh of the browser.


Time, Money and Resources in the Business World

It is hard to choose the right piece of software that'll best suit the business's needs. Having access to the right tools or resources can make or break your business. Choosing wisely is important. When systems crash, are out of date, and or not meeting your needs; technology may force you to have to update your software and perhaps even your hardware (computers, etc). 

At Sage we see clients from all walks of life, some may be accountants or IT professionals, others may be business owners responsible for all elements involved in running a business. They are the salesperson, the communications director, the accountant, and or administrator. For these folks, time, money and resources are often limited. Choose wisely, do your research and or hire an expert. If in doubt, we encourage you to post your questions and list your needs on the Sage 50 CA General Discussion forum on Sage City here.

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  • The simple answer to the lead off question - it depends!  It depends on the needs of the client/user when it comes to their financial records. If they use payroll then upgrading every six months is a must to keep payroll current. However, if they need a very simple method to record receipts and expenses with no special reporting requirements then much less frequent updates would be necessary. Until a year ago I had clients still using Simply Accounting 8 and it worked fine until they had to get a new computer. The new computer with a current OS required an upgrade to the current version of Sage 50. I don't necessarily recommend this but they are probably set for another five to eight years. With new features you would be wise to consider upgrades every couple of years. If on a subscription service upgrade as soon as the release is available.

  • I download the Sage 50 Premium Accounting each and every year since doing Simply Accounting in 2012 and doing Sage 50 Accounting in 2013 to the present.