What's new in upcoming Sage 50 CA Release 2020.2?

Coming soon! A product update will be available for Sage 50 CA 2020 starting with the Accountant Edition on June 29, 2020. It'll be released to all other users June 30, 2020.


Payroll Updates

This release 2020.2 will include payroll tax updates for July 1, 2020, as well as, new exciting features. Read the read the Product Update document (PDF)  for more details on what to do before you start processing payroll and or how to prepare payroll after tax changes.


Main changes:

  • BC has a new tax bracket for incomes over $220,000.
  • Effective July 1, 2020, Yukon has changed its Basic Personal Amount to be in line with the Federal Basic Personal Amount.


New Features

Multi-user collaboration through remote data access – Sage Drive (now called Remote Data Access)

now allows you and your accountant, bookkeeper or co-workers to access real-time data and work simultaneously within Sage 50 from any location. Watch this short “Multi-User Remote Data Access ” video below to discover new ways to collaborate. 



Sage ID - a single login to access all your connected services

Sage ID makes it easier for you to connect to bank feeds, access data remotely, share company data and add customer payment options.


You'll be prompted to connect or login before using a connected service. If you already use a Sage online service or application you'll already have a Sage ID, if not it's simple to set up. With your email and password you can quickly create a unique Sage ID, linking together all the Sage services that you are already registered for. Sage ID provides secure authentication for single sign on to connected services. You'll no longer need multiple logins and passwords for each individual connected service such as Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive, Bank Feeds and or invoice payment services). It works similarly to a Google ID or Apple ID which you might be familiar with.



Reverse Reconciliation

You’ve asked us for the ability to make adjustments to a posted Account Reconciliation. Starting with this release 2020.2, you can now undo Account Reconciliations to correct errors.


 Watch the “What’s New ” video below for more details on the improvements in the product update for Sage 50cloud Accounting (version 2020.2) or read the Product Update document (PDF) . 


Other apps and services updates

Auto Entry

You will find a new tile in the Apps & Services tab, where you can learn about Auto Entry (a tool to help capture, analyze and post invoices, receipts and statements to Sage 50 CA)

Microsoft 365

Office 365 is now known as Microsoft 365. There are no pricing or features changes at this time.

You now know what's new in Sage 50 CA Accounting release 2020.2. Stay tuned for our next release.

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  • One of our computers today jumped into an automatic update and now that computer cannot open any of our sage files.  It gets to the window "opening database" then everything stops and nothing else comes up.  Is anyone else having issues with this?  Is there a fix?  It's very frustrating as it's month end and we didn't even have a choice in the matter.  Please help!

  • Hi , thanks for reaching out. 

    If a workstation launched the update, you'll want to ensure that all machines (particularly the server with the data ) are running the update. See this KB 10101 resource on how to install the Sage 50 connection Manager on the Server.

    In the future, if you want more control over when to install the update, on each Sage 50 CA install you'll want to go to Help > About > Support Info...> Modify Product Update Settings, uncheck "Automatically install product updates" > Save.

    Hope that this helps!

  • thank you!  That is odd as we both normally have just the auto download checked, not auto install.  His workstation did have the auto install checked.  Thanks very much.  He was able to get some help with support line and is back up and running. 

  • That's a relief! Good to hear Slight smile

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