Tips and tricks - Recurring transactions in Sage 50 CA

You can setup recurring (or repeatedly scheduled) transactions in Sage 50.

When bookkeeping, do you have an invoice, a purchase order, or a journal entry to post regularly?

See below for how to setup recurring transactions. Sage 50 allows the following  ones : General journal entry, paycheck, inventory adjustment, invoice, purchase order and purchase quote, other payments, sales orders and quotes and sales invoices.

The following covers how to save a sales invoice as a recurring transaction : 

Step 1 : From the Home window, select Sales Invoice

Step 2 : From the drop-down menu, select the Customer

Step 3 : Enter the remaining information for the customer invoice (1-quantity, 2-Item description, 3-price, 4-tax and 5-account) and select Store as recurring transaction (6) or type CTRL-T

Step 4 : Type a Name for the recurring transaction (1), Select a Frequency (2) and click OK to save it (3). Then you can process the invoice if you want to post it.

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- By Charlotte Monsimier, edited by Erzsi Institorisz

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