Sage Drive (now called Remote Data Access) 2020.2 release: Getting Started Q&A

Sage 50 CA - Multi-user collaboration through remote data access – Sage Drive (is now called Point right Remote Data Access).

The new naming now properly represents the functionality of this feature. And allows you and your accountant, bookkeeper or co-workers to access real-time data and work simultaneously within Sage 50 from any location. Watch this short “Multi-User Remote Data Access ” video below to discover new ways to collaborate. 

In single user mode, one user can access the company data remotely. In multi-user mode, multiple users can access real time data and work simultaneously within Sage 50cloud from any location with remote data access (see further below for licensing details*).

In multi-user read only mode, multiple users can access real time data and run reports in Sage 50cloud from any location with remote data access.

In addition, user management is now integrated. Enabling users in multi-user mode to see who else is connected to their company data when working remotely among colleagues with Premium or Quantum licenses.

Note: Using Sage Drive management center is no longer required following release 2020.2.

Getting Started Tips for Remote Access (formerly Sage Drive) users:

KB 105572 provides the steps on how to migrate your company file from Sage Drive to the new Remote Data Access platform.

If you have Sage Drive and are having trouble launching your database, see  KB105575 - "Error: "Unable to open company file" when attempting to convert Sage Drive files to 2020.2" with instructions.  As part of the 2020.2 release, customers who use Sage Drive are required to go through cloud on-boarding as the function is transitioned to the new Remote Access. Please ensure that there are NO special characters (/, //, = etc) in the company file name or else this will trigger an error. If an error occurs,  edit out any of those special characters from the company name and try the cloud on-boarding process again.

Note that converting your Sage 50 CA data requires you to be in single user modesysadmin (is the default user*). The software would have required a password be set for the sysadmin user. If this is unknown, a password override request can be asked of the support team. KB10362 "What can I do if I forget or lose my password?"  here provides you with additional details. You can contact Technical Support at 1-888-522-2722 to request a password override which is a chargeable service if you're not on an active Sage Business Care plan.

Setting up Sage ID logins and multiuser Remote Data Access

The next BIG step after migration, is setting up usernames so that you can start working in multiuser mode! Note that you can no longer share a Sage ID and username combo on any PC like you could with Sage Drive in version 2020.1. In the image below, you can see that "sysadmin" is only allowed one Sage ID. You can't share the "sysadmin" credential between PC's. For instance: Computer 1 will always login with "sysadmin" (the multi user password for "sysadmin"). While computer 2 will always login with user 2  (using the multi user password and Sage ID login email for user 2). As of Sage 50 CA version 2020.2, no mix and match is allowed for error free work flow. If you're missing a second user, you'll need to create one. Each Sage ID requires a unique email address.

For further details on this refer to the KBs:




When trying to share my company file in Sage 50 2020.2, I get a message "A file with the same ID is already shared"

KB 105813


Why can’t I open my Remote Data Access file in multi-user mode?

KB 105881


Performance tips when switching between Sage IDs to access Sage 50 CA on the same machine:

Though it is possible to use the sysadmin login on more than one computer, you can run into issues. The login sysadmin sometimes takes various minutes to sign out and users get messages saying "someone is still logged in with sysadmin." Another example issue is when a sysadmin user who logs in with a different Sage ID (different from the one originally assigned to sysadmin). This is why in the above we recommend one assigned combo per computer for error free workflow.

In order to avoid performance issues encountered when switching between Sage ID's when accessing the same Sage 50 install on a specific computer, please note that:

  1. There is no easy way to switch between the Sage ID originally being used to another one (you'd have to go to the "Connect to a shared company" option in the File menu, and essentially pretend that you are going to download a file, then login using a different Sage ID before closing out the window).
    • Note that you will likely see a message asking you to enter a Sage ID, though sometimes Sage 50 CA doesn't ask for this when opening a file.

  2. Some clients get messages that sysadmin is still logged in another computer
  3. Sometimes customers get messages that the user has to wait to be able to log in again while the data updates – this happens when a Sage ID is re-used on another computer

Anti-virus tip:

Any Norton Anti-virus user should also see:




"Sage 50 2020.2 crashes with no error message after I select a company file and try to open it" .



7 other resources related to error messages:



Sage 50 2020.2 does not open

KB 105717

Error: "Something went wrong" when uploading file to Remote Data Access

  • NOTE that step 5 has been updated, ensure that in Windows > Control Panel your "Short Date" format is set as mm dd yyyy or yyyy mm dd

KB 105679

Error: "Download has failed..." when downloading company file from Sage Drive or Remote Data Access -

  • Now updated to reflect RDA issues.

KB 64128

Why can't I change the sysadmin email address?

KB 105704

'Paused' sharing randomly occurs in a file that is converted to 2020.2 after opening

KB 105622

Sage 50 2020.2 crashes with no error message after I select a company file and try to open it

KB 105544

Weird characters show up when typing an 'Item Description' in an invoice

KB 106036

After the 2020.2 update, my in product help displays in French

KB 105834

Got data conversion issues?

If you haven't already, re-visit steps 1 through 3 of our previous post, called Part 1 of 2: Sage 50 CA Data Conversion Tips , where we shared some top tips for users with data conversion issues.

How can you get help? If your company data fails at the end of the conversion process, then you have a conversion issue for which it's best to try an alternate backup copy or call Sage  Support at 1-888-522-2722 for assistance.

  • Tip: call in as early as possible during peak season and or  consider creating an online support ticket by going

  1.  Customer Portal (partners need to access Partner Portal).
    1. Creating a support ticket number will give you a number to enter in the phone system, as well as, a way to pre-fill details. See How do I create and view a Support Ticket via the Sage Customer Portal?
    2. Note that the phone system will not let you wait on hold and only asks if you'd like a callback once.

More resources for working with your data:




Check the integrity of company data



How do I create a backup?



How to restore from a backup?




Restoring 2020.2 files that were sent back from data repair



How many users can connect based on your Sage 50 CA user license and edition?

Wondering about how many licenses you get or how many computers you can install the software on? It's actually pretty simple.

PRO: 1 license (1 computer). IF you have Sage 50 CLOUD then they get 1 additional license because of Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive). Only 1 user can access the software at a time though.

PREMIUM 2 USERS: 2 licenses (2 computers). IF you have Sage 50 CLOUD then you get 1 additional license because of Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive) so a total of 3. Again only 2 can access at a time.

PREMIUM 4 USERS: 4 licenses (4 computers). IF you have Sage 50 CLOUD then you get 1 additional license because of Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive) so a total of 5. Again only 4 can access at a time.

For Quantum it's the same only that an additional license is included for Sage 50 CLOUD license holders.

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