Sage Download Manager (DLM) – a tool used to download Sage 50 Installer file

When you try to download the Sage 50 full software installer file by clicking the orange download button from this link (, you will be asked to save and run a tool called Sage Download Manager (DLM) first before you can actually download the software installer. Some of you may want to know what this Download Manager is all about.  

In general speaking, Sage Download Manager is used to control the download of the Sage 50 installer to your computer. The advantage of Using DLM is that if the download is aborted by a computer problem or connection issue, the information already downloaded will be kept and you can hit the resume button in DLM and start from the point where you left off.

Since DLM user interface is built on Microsoft’s “ClickOnce” technology using the latest .net 4.0 framework, you will need to have .net 4.0 installed to your computer from Microsoft Download Centre before you can utilize this tool. You will need to have the 2 components of .net 4.0 shown as the screen shot below in your computer, or you will still be asked to download .net 4.0 before running the DLM.

The video link below has the instruction of how to run DLM in 3 popular browsers used by most of our customers. They are Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Take a look at it if you are interested.