QuickTips! How to Change the Company Name in Sage 50

Activated the software with the wrong name?

To change it in the installed software there are two locations.


Changing the Company Name the Software is Registered With

To update the license, from the main screen of the program, go to the Help menu then select Update Your Sage 50 Product…

This selection relaunches the Sage 50 activation screen where you can modify the company name.

This is where you should enter the new Company Name, afterwards click OK to go ahead and re-activate the software.



Change the Company Name on Sage 50 Forms

To change the name in the company database created, you should be able to go to the Setup menu > Settings > Company > Information to update the Company Name. This is the name which will print on invoices, checks, etc.


Tip*: You cannot change the company name of the sample company nor for any databases connected to Sage Drive, the fields will be greyed out.

Changing the File Name of your Sage 50 Database

Lastly, if the company database file that you open in Sage 50 still bears an old name. One way to rename it is to carefully Right Click either the .saj or the .sai file then go to the option Rename.

Do this for both the saj folder and the .sai file.

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