Microsoft Updates, Service Changes and how they affect Sage 50CA

Anyone who has recently upgraded their operating system has probably noticed security changes. Something to consider is that Windows has specific operating system editions used for business or the home environment. 

Data Collection and Windows Settings

For more info, read this PC World article on:

How Windows 10's data collection trades your privacy for Microsoft's security

Home edition users of Windows OS platforms apparently have less control over what information is collected in the background then Enterprise edition users. 

"For Microsoft, more data means more security"

This is good for protection against viruses, etc… as long as updates don't interrupt workflow… In any event, trust that Sage 50's database structure is robust and hard to break into in case of theft/hacking. We believe that it's extremely important to have robust, secure and reliable systems in place.

Something stated repeatedly at Summit 2016 was that:

 "...Trust, compliance and security is what Sage is committed to..." - CEO Steven Kelly

Microsoft Updates and Service Changes

"Microsoft plans to release more updates to the operating system more frequently" and there is a "shift to Windows-as-a-service." 

 If you're a Non-profit and this worries you, fret not, Techsoup Canada stated that "in 2016 alone, Microsoft donated more than $1Billion in technology to more than 100,000 non-profit organizations around the world."

Windows 10 Home with pending updates will block Sage 50

The most common issue seen is documented in the Knowledgebase article 13666 for the "Message: "Sage 50 has detected a Windows update on this computer." when starting Sage 50."

The above is most common for Windows 10 Home edition. To get rid of the message ensure that you've done all your Windows Updates and that the Windows Update service is running by:

  1.  Pressing Windows Key + R and typing services.msc in the run dialog, then press Enter or click OK.


  1. Locate Windows Update and ensure that Startup Type is set to Manual or Automatic.
  2. If it's not, then double click on Windows Update to open its properties to select the Startup Type.

These steps should get you going, but if the issue persists more advanced solutions include:

  • Changing ownership of your C: drive to ensure administrator group permission rights
  • Changing Filter AdministratorToken in Registry Editor

See this article by Windows Report outlines for full steps.

Support at Sage 50 CA

Our technicians at Sage specialize with Sage software issues and may not have advanced Windows troubleshooting knowledge. Level 1 specializes with Sage software resources.  If your issue is escalated to Level 2 and deemed an environmental Windows OS issue outside of Sage's control after testing then Microsoft or an external IT company will need to be contacted to resolve the issue.

If you're still having issues updating in Windows 10 see forums such as this, contact Microsoft and or an IT company. Pending updates, means a security lockdown in Windows which blocks the Sage 50 user interface from linking to the company database causing the program to crash.


What are some Windows 10 Entreprise perks?

According to PC World, Windows 10 Enterprise with Anniversary Update and Enterprise E5 subscriptions include Windows Defender loaded with the Application Guard and Advanced Threat Detection.

There is also Enterprise Data Protection, "now at the file level, to help ensure corporate data isn't accidentally or intentionally leaked to unauthorized users or locations."

Microsoft has provided several fun infographics highlighting the strengths of Windows 10 Entreprise. See this link for more.

Windows and MACs

If you have the option and interest, it's possible to use Apple computers (MACs) with Windows loaded virtually allowing users to flip back and forth seamlessly between systems. See this blog for more info.



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